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[This is a significant article, in that a major paper in a Western
country has covered and taken seriously the issue of microwave
harassment.  The article deals with many of the issues, even though
it only concerns the improvised construction and use of such weapons.
But if it can now be revealed that such things are possible and are
indeed severe harassment, it must be admitted that the governments
have had such technologies and techniques for decades.  The US
studied such things extensively in the 1960s and 1970s in a program
called PANDORA, ostensibly because the Soviets were microwaving the
US embassy in Moscow (which they were, though the employees there
were not informed of it).  So such techniques have been known for
years to intelligence agents, retired agents, and others.  What might
a major weapons lab put out in 2003, far beyond what a garage mechanic
might concoct from an old microwave oven?  Or just a major privatized
harassment group, to be hired by billionaires and corporations to
deniably protect their perceived "interests" by torturing and
harassing their perceived opponents?  There are also more advanced
techniques than just blunt harassment, and there are many techniques
other than microwaves now available.  Welcome to the present reality.
Thanks to Die Welt for covering the issue and helping the victims.]

Berlin, Tuesday 8 October 2002  WELT am SONNTAG
(Sunday edition of the national newspaper Die Welt)
Below is a translation.

Microwaves as close-range weapons

Neighbours attack each other with ovens that have been tinkered with.
The radiation penetrates through walls and leads to heavy health
damage. Already 150 criminal procedures

by Julia Winkenbach

Berlin - If Irmgard K. from Kalchreuth near Nuernberg wants to have
peace in her own home, then she must get out. Out of her own
appartment, to go somewhere, only to get away. If she remains at home,
it starts all over again: Headaches, giddyness, a rumble in the ears,
rapid heart rate. This is due to microwaves, which are obviously
directed intentionally into the house of Irmgard K., in order to
torture her. Bad-intentioned neighbours, as they suppose, irradiate
the walls of her appartment with a converted microwave oven. Dr.
Reinhard Munzert, who shares her life, speaks of "a new form of High
Tech crimes", which affects more and more people at a national level.
Approximately twenty of them have already decided to unite in an
"interest group of victims of electrical weapons", he created. They
are trying to help themselves, as the police does not believe them,
the public prosecutor's office not, not even the closest friends.

For Irmgard K. everything began with a trifle. She argued with her
neighbours about their five dogs, because she could not stand their
barking anymore.  The quarrel escalated and became "a war". Afterwards
she had all the mentioned troubles: "suddenly I heard always changing
tones and I had sleep disturbances." Reinhard Munzert investigated for
her, until finally technicians at the University of Erlangen gave him
the idea with the microwaves. "We know", says Munzert, "that this
sounds outrageous." He and his girlfriend would however really be
treated "like meat in a microwave."

Klaus Muenter from the federal physics and technology institute in
Braunschweig confirmed in presence of Welt am Sonntag (WORLD on
SUNDAY), "that it is technically possible" to irradiate neighbours
through the walls with microwave ovens that have been tinkered with.
Because the walls only hold half of the strong radiation and windows
even let everything pass through. To change an oven into a "waves
projector" a technical training is however necessary. This is also
confirmed by Professor Peter Pauli of the German Federal Armed Forces
University: " a microwave appliance has a capacity of approximately
800 Watts. In order to bundle these into a beam, you need a strong
directional antenna."

Moreover two safety switches would have to be bridged. Once someone
has achieved this, he can tyrannize his neighbours with a spurt, which
is approximately hundredfold stronger, than permitted by the federal
radiation emission law, which has set the threshold limit value for
the radiation of mobile radio antennas at ten Watts per square meter.

Friedhelm and Gertrud Kuhn from Bochum know these numbers by heart,
and have known them for a long time. Because they too have been
irradiated in their own home from an unknown source, since Christmas
1999. Here too it started with neighbourhood disputes. Friedhelm Kuhn
felt at first only a flickering in the eye, later came high blood
pressure, pins and needles in the heart and "the sensation to cook".
"whenever I enter my house, it always feels, as if I would get
sunburned", he describes the effects of microwaves on his body. Thanks
to his work as an electronic technician Kuhn realised that he could be
faced with the use of waves and lodged a complaint for bodily injury.
But he met with a rebuff. According to Kuhn: "the public prosecutor
said, he would not deal with fancies." The technician decided to do
self-help: he pasted the inner walls of his house with aluminum foil,
because they would hold at least part of the radiation. The Kuhns did
not want to move despite the beam attacks, because they had built
their house from their own plans.

Miriam Enzler has already moved. She too had a fight with her
neighbours, and she too had suddenly "the feeling she lived between
two power sources", and she too had to make the experience that people
would treat victims of microwaves, "as if they were the big idiots".
Miriam Enzler still suffers a lot from the results of the wave
attacks, even now that she's moved: "my mucous membranes burn like
fire, I have headaches up to vomiting and colic-like belly cramps."

Attorney Detlev Eidebenz, who represents a victim from Frankfurt,
believes that the only hope to stop the wrongdoings of these unknown
microwave gangsters in the entire country, is to fight together.
Eidebenz says: "150 complaints have already been submitted in Germany
in this matter, but to no result."  Now, the lawyer says, the
attention of all public prosecutor's offices of all Lander of the
Federal Republic has to be drawn to the multiplicity of individual
cases. There's already support from the Police: Markus Duemig from the
8th Police station in Frankfurt/Main collects the reports of microwave
victims nationwide. Duemig says: he will do it "as long as necessary
for this matter to be dealt with in a court of law as a criminal matter."

The helpful official is the last resort, for whom the microwave
victims reach with a desperate grasp. Because, although there are so
far only few investigations, which prove that microwaves can cause
long-term damage, victims are more afraid of the long-term
consequences than of the actual pain. For Irmgard K. the nightmare
became true: the physicians diagnosed recently an ovarian tumor.

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