German paper Die Welt covers microwave harassment!

Allen L. Barker alb at
Thu Jun 26 07:05:31 EST 2003

John Michael Williams wrote:
> One thing bothers me:  Why didn't anyone try to detect
> the microwaves?  If from a mw oven, the 2.4 GHz radiation
> should be detectible.   Any ideas?

It is not necessarily the case that a modified microwave oven
is what is being used in any given case.  That is one possibility.
It is a useful example because it illustrates that such things
are possible and that even "hobbyist-level" harassers can construct
such weapons.  They might be used in such ordinary situations as
disputes between neighbors.

There are many other harassment techniques possible.  Even for
microwave devices there are other frequencies, modulations, etc.,
that could be used.  (Presumably these would be more advanced
devices or improvised in some other way.)

Most of the victims are not technically trained, and would not
know how to measure such a signal.  Many, in fact, would not even
know how to analyze the situation as to what might be causing the
problems.  This is exacerbated by the effects of trauma (and whatever
EM effects) on the victim's reasoning process.  The victim would be
left to his or her own physical and psychological torment, trying to
understand in terms of whatever belief system they could fit the
experiences into.

If a victim can get help from a technically trained person, it
does seem like one of the first things to test for is such a 2.4
GHz signal.  If a victim has the money to spare and thinks it might
be a modified oven, they might want to obtain a microwave oven
leak detector.  The usual "bug-sweep" problems arise, in that the
harassers have to be unaware of the testing or they will just turn
the device off for a while.  Here is an interesting web page on
electronic harassment from a TSCM company.  (I can't vouch for the
company, because I do not know anything about it other than what is
on its web page.)

I hope that one good thing which can come out of exposing such
devices and techniques -- and the vicious and amoral people who
would use them -- is that victims will find it easier to find or
hire people to take them seriously and help them.  That includes
technically trained people, law enforcement officers, politicians,
etc.  The Die Welt article did mention a police officer who is
taking such reports seriously now.  (This would also help to remove
some of the social stigma and ridicule associated with being
harassed with technology that is officially considered not to

Needless to say, if it is a government conducting the operations
then the problem is probably best considered as a political, legal,
and human rights one.  The odds of a private citizen measuring
and blocking advanced government-sponsored harassment are low,
and even if they do manage to do so then other damage control
operations will tend to kick in.

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