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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Mon Mar 3 11:24:20 EST 2003

Put everything into perspective by cross-correlating across History.

The stuff that we hold against Iraq is analogous to the stuff that
happened, right here in America, with respect to the Native Americans
and the Africans who were enslaved - pretty much a Genocides.

So, according to the 'standards' through which we approach Iraq, we
must, first, do, with respect to ourselves, anything we'd do with
respect to them.

You see? It cannot be that we 'conveniently' 'forget' all of our own
Historical 'short-comings' in order to 'punish' not-self folks for
doing things that are analogous to stuff that we, ourselves, have

But we, also, cannot turn a blind eye to 'short-comings' - just let
Savagery reign in the world.

What we can do is see that others are living through the =same-stuff=
that our Ancestors lived-through. We can see that, through our own
Agony - in particular, with respect to the American Civil War, which
remains the most-savage blood-letting that has descended upon This
Nation - with respect to our own, analogous, 'trespasses', we have
been able to advance our understanding of the Rights of all People,

And we can see that, just because other folks lag behind us in
understanding of the Rights of all People, everywhere, it's
duplicitous of us to resort to savagery when others are doing stuff
that's analogous to what we did before, through the Agonies that
derived in our errors, we learned about the Rights of all People,

Rather, we should proceed in =understanding= that other folks
'simply' do lag-behind us in their understanding of the Rights of all
People, everywhere.

This understanding is America's Great-Strength, but, look - we're
making no efforts to exert that Great-Strength. All we're doing is
something akin to what we did to the Africans and Native Americans.

We see only that which is familiar to us, forsaking any Honorable
forebearance in light of our own History.

And, as we do so, what could be America's Great-Purpose within the
Human Family becomes 'muffled' and 'stiffled' - through our own

What's wrong with taking a strong and mighty stand that is focused
upon Teaching of the Rights of all People, everywhere? What's wrong
with standing against Slaughter?
What's wrong with seeing that, yes, folks who are recapitulating our
own Historical Savagery, are, in fact, traversing a 'path' that's
analogous to the 'path' that we, ourselves, followed?

What's wrong with Teaching folks with respect to the Agony inherent?
What's wrong with working to help all folks, everywhere, see that
there's a better way - that we, having lived through the Agonies of
our own transgressions - our own forsaking ourselves to analogous
vile Savagery - =know= there's a better way?

Why not tell it like it is?

Why not see that the savage 'tide' that carries others into the
slaughtering way is the same 'tide' that rent us apart?

Why not go forth with understanding of all that's entailed in our

Why not lift Humanity up? Standing against Savagery because we know
Savagery through our own fault?

America has done so much to transcend its own Savage History -
turning back tyrannies in two World Wars. But our work is not

As things stand, we have descended into a willing-'blidness' with
respect to seeing ourselves as 'without-fault'. It's a great
'blindness' because everything good that America derives in our
purchased-in-blood triumph over our own past errors.

Such routinely goes unspoken, 'replaced' by our 4th of July
Celebrations, and our post-facto seeing that, yes, America has done a
lot of good in the world.

But are we so 'stupid' that we cannot look into the 'mirror' and see
our own History, recapitualted in the Savage acts of others who lag
behind America in understanding?

Note well, in what I'm saying here, I =do not= 'condone' Savagery
=anywhere. I'm =not= saying, "Oh, just let them slaughter Innocents."
Rather, I'm saying that we've a Choice. We can take action that
reflects understanding born in the Agonies of our own becomming
America, lifting others up in such understanding - giving freely of
the benefit we've gained for outselves through our own analogous
Agonies, or we can take action that 'denies' such understanding, and,
in so doing, force the 'clock' back, around the globe, to Medieval

But why forsake understanding?

Why forget our own easily-recalled 'blindness'm which is right-there,
staring our at us from History, in our knowledge of the Savagery that
was in our own 'hearts' with respect to the Native Americans and the

We must Honor Truth. We must see in our own errors what it is that we
can Honorably do with respect to the same-stuff when it arises within
the 'hearts' of others.

We must Lead.

We must Teach.

Because we, through our own Savage convulsions of National Spirit,

Why are we failing to so Teach?

K. P. Collins

"Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in
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| And, lest anyone not comprehend, I'm talking about the end of =all=
| war.
| That's the 'war' I'm fighting.
| If it'd been fought, and won, twenty years ago, all the savagery
| that's going on these days just would'n't've happened.
| That's the 'war' I'm fighting.
| It's the =only= 'war' that's worth fighting.
| k. p. collins
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