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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Wed Mar 5 11:06:12 EST 2003

I watched ABC TV's Nightline special 90-minute ~"Why War in Iraq
Now?" edition last night.

There were pro-\con- war 'pannels' of three 'famous' folks.

What struck me, ever more forcefully as I watched was that, while the
"con-war" participants invoked Reason, the "pro-war" folks did
nothing other than reiterate 'arguments' that, flat-out-obviously,
derived in their merely-familiar 'in-the-Beltway' experience.

As I watched, my jaw just hung-down more and more, until
[figuratively] it was 'on the floor'.

The "pro-war" folks resorted to 'fear'-tactics, and, one of them
could not hide his immense 'disdain' for the Citizenry that's
questioning the 'rationale' for war.

Throughout, all the "pro0war" folks did was reiterate stuff that was,
obviously, right out of the 'meetings' at which they were present,
and through which they'd reached 'consensus' with respect to
'American power'.

It was awesome - to see these folks completely 'unable' to discern
any way other than use-of-force - awesome, and 'frightening'. They
are totally-disconnected from Reality - seeing only the stuff of
their familiar experience - the stuff of their 'meetings'.

The problem is that they exist within an artificially-'bounded'
personal 'reality' in which all they experience is the
terrifically-skewed interactive dynamics that correspond to
individuals' struggling to climb the ladder of power. You nnow, their
environment derives in that one circumstance in which no one dares to
utter anything but that which they a priori know will not get them

As a result of such, none of them ever comes even close to
experiencing Reality.

All they experience is the in-group 'puppet-show' in which they are,
simultaneously the 'puppets' and the 'puppeteers'.

And they can't even see that, well, of course' their 'rationale' is
'internally-consistent', while it's knee-slappingly divorced from

It was 'frightening' to witness such.

'Blind'-automatation in its most-revulsive manifestation.

K. P. Collins

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