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Wed Mar 5 11:26:15 EST 2003

further comment added below:

"Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in
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| I watched ABC TV's Nightline special 90-minute ~"Why War in Iraq
| Now?" edition last night.
| There were pro-\con- war 'pannels' of three 'famous' folks.
| What struck me, ever more forcefully as I watched was that, while
| "con-war" participants invoked Reason, the "pro-war" folks did
| nothing other than reiterate 'arguments' that, flat-out-obviously,
| derived in their merely-familiar 'in-the-Beltway' experience.
| As I watched, my jaw just hung-down more and more, until
| [figuratively] it was 'on the floor'.
| The "pro-war" folks resorted to 'fear'-tactics, and, one of them
| could not hide his immense 'disdain' for the Citizenry that's
| questioning the 'rationale' for war.
| Throughout, all the "pro0war" folks did was reiterate stuff that
| obviously, right out of the 'meetings' at which they were present,
| and through which they'd reached 'consensus' with respect to
| 'American power'.
| It was awesome - to see these folks completely 'unable' to discern
| any way other than use-of-force - awesome, and 'frightening'. They
| are totally-disconnected from Reality - seeing only the stuff of
| their familiar experience - the stuff of their 'meetings'.
| The problem is that they exist within an artificially-'bounded'
| personal 'reality' in which all they experience is the
| terrifically-skewed interactive dynamics that correspond to
| individuals' struggling to climb the ladder of power. You nnow,
| environment derives in that one circumstance in which no one dares
| utter anything but that which they a priori know will not get them
| 'booted-out-on-their-asses'.
| As a result of such, none of them ever comes even close to
| experiencing Reality.
| All they experience is the in-group 'puppet-show' in which they
| simultaneously the 'puppets' and the 'puppeteers'.

This's the most-significant 'hallmark', BTW, of the 'we are can
control everything' mentality that is the 'halmark' of
mutually-inclusive inbred-'thought' that "can't see beyond its own

"Of course:, if the 'puppets' are simultaneously the 'puppeteers',
the 'puppet show' can be =anything= that the 'puppeteers' chose it to

Thousands of Innocents will perish because of nothing more than this
self-contained, inbred, 'power'-hungry, experientially-manufactured

Nothing these "pro-war" folks said could pass-muster with respect to
Science, but, there it is - they are 'powerful', and "to hell with
all the 'powerless' folks".

It was =Surreal= - "Twilight Zone"-ish - to view this 'puppetshow',
with it's 'truly-believing' 'puppets' dancing on the 'strings' of
their own contrivance, to which they've attached [abdicated] their

K. P. Collins

| And they can't even see that, well, of course' their 'rationale' is
| 'internally-consistent', while it's knee-slappingly divorced from
| Reality.
| It was 'frightening' to witness such.
| 'Blind'-automatation in its most-revulsive manifestation.
| K. P. Collins
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