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Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Wed Mar 5 14:18:49 EST 2003

Once again, it;s me who'll be "booted out on his ass" - I understand
such - in case anyone 'wonders'.

So what?

I'm 'supposed to' 'move away from' Science because I can see, plain
as day, that I'll get 'beat up' if I don't?

"Still, it moves."

I'll not 'move away from' Truth.

Such is impossible.

All one can do is 'fantacize' that one is 'moving away from' Truth.

Truth does what it does, regardless.

'truth' is a crap shoot.

Like the 'roll of the die' that's 'determining' America's future
relations with the rest of Humanity.

It's 'funny'. The die was cast back when President Bush gave his
"pre-emption" address at West Point.

For me, everything's been proceeding in 'slow-motion' ever since.

Now, the obvious 'premise' for waging war is 'fear of losing
credibility' [and, simultaneously, the 2004 Presidential Election].

Within the Beltway, the 'puppetshow' has become the only 'reality'.

Thousands will die because folks within the Beltway are 'unable' to
update their understanding?

Anyway, while I'm 'scorching my breeches' in this downhill 'slide',
to be fair, I must note that the inside-the-Beltway 'puppetshow'
isn't the only 'puppetshow' that's of Consequence these days.

Science that 'moves away from' the least potential energy dynamic,
that any School-Child can easily comprehend exists at the heart of
every 'puppetshow', is, itself, a 'puppetshow', no?


t's all so Sorrowdul.

This one, flat-out obvious least pitential energy dynamic =dictating=
to folks that they will be its 'puppets', 'dancing on the ends of the
strings' it weaves through their Living?

And nobody cares enough to 'get out their pocket knives' to 'cut its

It's all it takes - the stuff of individual consciousness - of
individual Reason.

All of Science dangles on the same least-potential-energy 'strings'.

And there's no one who can See that Science calls us to much more
than that?

FWIW, it's my analysis that the 'u. s. government' has descended into
ab-using NDT's understanding.

It's why I saw that I must, once again, 'take it on the chin'.

I've tried - been working all along to lift folks in 'government' up
in NDT's understanding.

I've known, with Certainty, about the ab-use ever since, immediately
after I'd publicly praised Colin Powell, Mr. Powell, surely at the
direction of 'strategists', took off on a divergent path.

I knew, right then and there, that the 'die had been cast'.

The Best Man in Washington, mercilessly coersed with respect to

[Folks who doubt can find all that's necessary in the archives of The
New York Times. You can't miss it. Use my prior posts praising Mr.
Powell as 'time' markers, and read, both ways, [forward and back] in
'time'. You can't miss it. Sticks out like sore-thumb stuff.]

'dead' again.

You see, the thing to do is to take action =before= the 'bullet' is
in the air.

Had I Failed with respect to such, then, through my inaction, I'd be
'condoning' the ab-use of NDT's understanding. I never condone the
ab-use of understanding [well, with respect to myself, I just 'take
it on the chin' if I can, without abandoning anyone else.]

I've been working =hard= in the interim, if anyone 'wonders'.

I applied for a dishwasher's job at a local restaurant earlier to
day. I can see no other prospect for myself.

I'm used to it.

K. P. Collins

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