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Wed Mar 5 17:14:53 EST 2003

"Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in
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| Truth does what it does, regardless.
| 'truth' is a crap shoot

The latter is not synonymous with the former.

'truth' is what's converged upon through 'consensus', and can be
anything, as long as those who adhere to it maintain its experiential

However, to the degree that 'truth' diverges from Truth, energy must
be expended to 'sustain' 'truth' - which discloses the degree to
which this or that consensual 'truth' does, in fact, diverge from

With respect to Iraq, such excess energy expenditure is going on on
both 'sides', and the B.S. is being heaped so high that the energy
expenditure inherent in the efforts to 'sustain' 'truth' is sucking
viability out of Economies all around the world.

Manufactured 'truth' is so enormously-costly in this way.

In such costs, we witness the difference between Truth and 'truth'.

And everyone 'averts their eyes'?

Everyone 'goes with the energy-flow', even as it's obvious that the
energy-flow is going right down the drain?

"Flush" ...?

Sustain 'truth' at any cost?

TD E/I soaring around the globe, all the work of our struggles on
behalf of Peace becoming undone.

No one sees?

Send out more bombers.

Strategize on behalf of 'the bullet', but 'avert our eyes' from

Who will give Life back to those from whom it's taken as the result
of our 'averting our eyes'?

"Pre-empt" ...?

Why not just Understand the 'blindly'-automated nervous system
dynamics that inflict all of such upon us?

You know, Honor Truth and it Honors you right-back.

Not, and not.


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