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Open Letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Thu Mar 6 17:11:15 EST 2003

Dear Secretary of State Powell,

I have read:

"Powell Tells Senate Panel That Iraq Must Be Dealt With Now", By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


"`This is the time we have to deal with this kind of threat, not after we have seen thousands of people die as a result of the use of some of these horrible weapons,' he said.

Mr. Powell, as things stand, who is it who is openly preparing to use "these horrible weapons"?

It is us. What would we do if such preparations were made against us?

How can we "condemn" others while we prepare to do that which we condemn?

In New York, Powell will try to overcome U.N. resistance to using force to disarm Iraq, warning that holding back would send a `terrible message' to tyrants everywhere."

The "terrible message" is, inherently, "Do unto others before they do unto you"?

Who, then, will not race to be the first 'doer-unto-er'?

There is a better way, Sir. There is Science, established, that explains how the nationalistic, cultural, and religious prejudices that underpin war arise within nervous systems.

My colleagues in Neuroscience comprehend the fundamentals of what's entailed.

The understanding inherent allows folks to lift themselves up over hatred. There's no 'magic' in the understanding. The understanding works by allowing folks to comprehend how and why 'hatred' arises in nervous systems as a result of mutually-exclusive experience.

Through patient endurance in communicating this understanding, which can be accomplished at 1% of the costs projected for the assault phase of the proposed war in Iraq, Humanity can eliminate the absence-of-understanding that has been at the heart of all conflict since the dawn of Human History.

Yet this proven Science has not been communicated. It remains something that can be done, but which hasn't been done.

I call upon you, Mr. Powell, to give this understanding its place in in the American Diplomatic 'tool-kit'.

If the Iraqi leadership will receive me, I volunteer to go to them to teach them about this understanding that's been produced by my colleagues in Neuroscience around the world [any of these who want to join in the effort are welcome as far as I'm concerned.]

It won't take more than a week, Sir, and all it will cost the U. S. Government is my airfare, food and lodging. I'll do this work, gratis, for America, and for Humanity.

Please, let us try this way of understanding.

Sincerely, K. P. Collins

[Quotes, above, © 2003, by The Associated Press.]
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