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Fri Mar 7 20:21:24 EST 2003

In recent days, much is being made of Iraq's "defiance" of U.N.
Resolutions that formalized, under the Authority of that
International Body, vested in that body by Nations' Choices to become
Members of that body.

It is easy to see that Iraq remains in violation of those

One measure of Iraq's "defiance" is that twelve years have passed
since the end of the Gulf War, at the end of which Iraq was given
formal notice, through the Authority of the U. N., that it must
disarm, and cease it's development of weapons of mass destruction.

Twelve years is the "measuring rod"  that's being invoked to
communicate the magnitude of the offense inherent in Iraq's

So, I have a question. It's been 23 years since I began formally
requesting that NDT's understanding be openly shared within the
International Community. Yet, to date, such open sharing of the
Science that I've laid at folks' feet, wholly-Verified via the
experimental results produced by Neuroscientists in many Nations, has
not occurred.

Of course, the 'state' of this Science has never had the benefit of
any Resolution with respect to it being voted on by the Member
Nations of the U. N.

But I have sought hearings, first in my own Country, The United
States of America.

One way in which I tried to bring NDT's understanding forward in my
own Country was in the form of an invited paper presented at the 2nd
International Conference on Molecular Electronic Switching Devices,
held in 1983 at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D. C. My
presentation was in the "Self-organizing Systems" category, and, in
it, I presented the entirety of NDT in the form of schematic diagrams
that disclosed the design for a self-organizing machine.

By typical standards for scientific meetings, my presentation was
'crude', but I can show anyone who wants to see, despite the
superficial 'crudeness' of my presentation, the contents of my
presentation were 'as advertised'. In it, to a degree commensurate
with Isaac Newton's work in the old Natural Philosophy, the brain was
Solved as an information-processing system.

I know that folks at the conference got-it, at least with respect to
some of what was in my presentation because, upon returning home, I
received a phone call from the Naval Air Systems Command, offering me
a "blank check" in support of my research. At that 'time', I
disclosed that, because I'd done the work on behalf of people who
suffer greatly, I could not sign anything that would prevent me from
communicating my work openly. The callers hung up.

So it is Verified that, nearly twenty years ago, a couple of Agencies
of the Government of my Country knew of NDT, and through their own
actions, demonstrated that they knew it's worth, and through my own
actions, knew the worth of the work with respect to Human suffering.

So, if twelve years are so unacceptable a measure, what, then, are
twenty years?

Twenty years of knowing that Science exists through which the
suffering of Humanity can be allieviated. Twenty years of "defiance"
with respect to Responsibility to Humanity, inherent.

Do folks see what I'm getting at?

If twelve years constitute a measure that is unacceptable, then, by
that definition of measures, Chosen by my Country, twenty years is
proportionately more unacceptable.

It's simple Maths.

But you see, I do not condemn my Country, even though it's
culpability with respect to Humanity obviously far exceeds that of

Why do I not condemn my Country?

Because it's been obvious to me, all along, that, although there was
some jaw-hanging Ignorance involved, there was, nevertheless,
Ignorance involved.

Whence comes such Ignorance?

In the cases of both my Country and Iraq, gnorance correlated to each
derived in pre-existing experience, and in behavioral inertia with
respect to such.

And, so, if my Country is to be forgiven it's obviously-greater
Failure in the face of it's own Ignorance, then, although, Iraq's
offense is serious, since, by the measure that my Country has Chosen,
and acknowledged as the determining thing with respect to waging war
on the Country of Iraq, my Country's own 'offense' far exceeds the
magnitude of Iraq's offense, there's Reason to understand that Iraq's
"defiance" derives in Iraq's Ignorance, which, further, derived in
Iraq's pre-existing experience, in the same way as my Country's
Failure with respect to all of Humanity in the case of  NDT's
understanding derived in its own Ignorance which, further, derived in
its pre-existing experience.

You see, "The measure with which you measure will be measured back to

It cannot be that my Country pleads "Ignorance" in explaining its
Failure, for twenty years, with respect to the rest of Humanity,
while it "measures" Iraq's twelve years of Ignorance as
'constituting' grounds for war.

To those who'd do other than help my Country to understand its
Failure, with respect to the rest of Humanity, remember, please, that
I've also looked to your Nations with respect to NDT's understanding.

So, who is it who can "cast the first stone?"

In our world, having become a "valley of tears" in our 'time', there
can be no "casting of stones".

We will either lift ourselves up in understanding of the wellspring
of 'hatreds' within our nervous systems, or Humanity will not

Let us set ourselves to this task of learning how to Love one another
in the midst of our relatively-mutually-exclusive experiences.

Everything necessary is in NDT, which I've laid at everyone's feet.

K. P. Collins
"P. S. ..."

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