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Sat Mar 8 14:17:41 EST 2003

Folks might 'wonder', more, with respect to why it is that I do not
'condemn' - why, given the 'leverage' that exists, right-there, in
NDT's incontrovertible reification of how our nervous systems process
information, have I not, for instance, hired a bunch of Lawyers [on
contingency, of course], and allowed them to pursue the matter in
Court of Law?

"The measure with which you measure will be measured back to you."

"Those who live by the sword, die by the sword."

You see, when one 'exerts force' that elevates TD E/I beyond the
range of the relatively-small TD E/I(up) through which the mechanism
of 'curiosity' 'measures' relative novelty [see the sections of AoK,
Ap5 that discusses hippocampal and amygdalar "supersystem
configuration" mechanisms], the supersystem "inverts" [AoK, Ap4],
'blindly' and automatically acompanied by commensurate affective
"inversion" in which the external correlates of the TD E/I(up) that's
being experienced are experienced as being "subjectively bad". As a
result of these internal nervous system energydynamics, the
supersystem converges upon TD E/I-minimized activation 'states' that
tend strongly to 'move away from' the external sources of the TD
E/I(up) that's been experienced.

These energydynamics constitute the Fundamental Essence of "war" -
the TD E/I force inherent is the stuff which empowers "war".

So, since my purpose has been just the opposite of "war" - my purpose
has been to lift Humanity up our of the Ignorance that 'blindly' and
automatically precipitates "war" - all along, I've Chosen to not do
anything that would allow such to be triggered.

I Chose to =not= "live by the sword", so =nobody= would "die by the
sword" as a result of my Choice.

If folks've saved my former discussions, and if folks read back
through them, folks will see that, all along, I've been working to
maintain things within the range of the relatively-small TD E/I(up)
that nervous systems 'recognize' as being 'safe' to 'pay attention
to' - in other words, I've worked to maintain my TD
E/I(up)-generating behavior within the range of the mechanism of
"curiosity". It's like I said - I saw that I had to "become the
pebble in the 'shoes' of folks' nervous systems".

As folks who've followed my discussion of NDT's stuff will
comprehend, if they look back over the years, such endeavor is
arduous. It is arduous be-cause, =before= NDT's understanding is
grasped by others - before folks become familiar with NDT's
understanding - their 'perceptions' of what I've brought into their
experience can =only= be 'governed' by that which had already become
established within their =prior= experience. As a result of such, for
many years, the only possibility was that folks'd 'react' to anything
I could do, not in any way that reflects NDT's understanding, but in
ways that reflect the =absence= of NDT's understanding within their
prior experience.

A useful example of all of this is with respect to the way my
Country's Government has 'reacted' to the existence of NDT's

When I made 'first' contact, at my NRL presentation back in 1983,
folks saw stuff in my presentation that they recognized as being
'useful' because their prior experiences had prepared them to
recognize such. In particular, the Naval Air Systems Command
recognized what was in my explanation of how nervous systems achieve
hand-eye coordination. They saw that, if a radar system is
substituted for the retina [the visual system], and a missle is
substituted for the finger, the Maths I presented were the 'ultimate'
missle-guidance Maths. It's why they called with a 'blank check'.

But, as a result of their prior experience, they were completely
unable to see that such 'high-tech' applications of NDT's
understanding are, in fact, trivial relative to the worth of NDT's
understanding with respect to the ending of war, itself.

They just could not see such. Nothing in their collective prior
experience allowed them to see such.

Note well, in this realization, there's no 'condemnation'. =Everyone=
becomes that which they experience. Folks in Governments, regardless
of the Nations that they serve, approach their responsibilities
'through the lenses' of their prior experience. They behave in accord
with the "biological mass" that's been by-produced, via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, with respect to the external
energydynamics inherent in the environments in which they've formerly

I cannot speak for folks in Governments other than my own, but having
been trained at the U. S. Naval Academy, I do have deep insights into
the values that the U. S. Government at least presents as being
fundamental. There's Honor in-there. And, I presume, the same stuff
is, at least, presented as being fundamental with respect to all
service in the U. S. Government.

So, the problem has not been that folks were, somehow, 'inherently
bad'. The problem was that folks 'just' become what they experience,
and, since folks prior experience was devoid of understanding with
respect to how nervous systems process information, all folks in the
U. S. Government could do was behave in accord with the absence of
understanding which was inherent in their prior experience, and which
was perpetuated, intergenerationally within 'generations' of
personnel entering into service of the U. S. Government - handed
down, as from Father to Son, through 'example' with respect to what
is 'expected' of folks who are in service to the U. S. Government.

Over the years, I've learned, with respect to such, because, in doing
what needed to be done with respect to bringing NDT's understanding
forward, I brushed up against it.

A case in-point was what I Chose to do when it became clear that my
Mother was succumbing to her long battle against Cancer. It's 'funny'
how things go. It was because I wanted to say "Thank You" to my
Mother by giving her some 'Son-Joy' - you know, I wanted her to see
what I'd done with all she'd done for me - that I was able to work so
hard during 'the Terrible Times'. I was in a 'Race' with her Cancer.
I wanted to bring NDT's understanding forward, in her name - as my
Gift to her. Folks probably won't comprehend, but this is just the
stuff of my Family's Way. We have the unfancy, but exceedingly-deep
way of Loving.

So, this is why I was able to do NDT's synthesis of the experimental
results that had been produced by Neuroscience. It all comes down to
a Son's Love for his Mother.

So, because NDT's fundamentals had already been worked out and
tightly integrated, but since I'd not yet won a hearing for NDT's
understanding, when I went to visit my Mother, one day during the
summer of 1985, and she was just Radient with Joy and Peacefulness, I
saw, in her countinence that she'd Accepted that she'd soon be dying.
My Mother was a Fighter. Up until this point, throughout her battle
against her disease, she'd been struggling mightily against it. But,
now, she was all Joy and Peacefulness.

I understood. And, still detemined to give her the Gift I'd prepared
for her, I decided to undertake a hunger strike on the grounds of the
City Hall in Hartford, Connecticut.

I've discussed all of this in long former msgs, so I'll get right to
what's of significance with respect to my present discussion.

In the early morning of the first day of my hunger strike, a man
came, and offered me a "fully equipped laboratory" if only I would
get off the street immediately/ I didn't understand at the time - at
that time, all I could see was that I was 'transgressing', in a small
way, in the hope of reaching folks in Neuroscience with NDT's
synthesis of their work - so that I could give my Mother som Son-Joy
befor her cancer took her. Years afterward, I finally got around to
doing a complete analysis of what had transpired that day, and
reached the conclusion that the only folks who could offer me a
"fully equipped laboratory", and who had rationale for "getting me
off the street, immediately" were folks in the U. S. Government. It
was just three years after I'd disclosed NDT's stuff to them in my
NRL presentation. They were 'afraid' that, if my hunger strike was al
lowed to continue, NDT's stuff would, in fact, become public
knowledge, and, since they'd seen only it's relatively-trivial
'high-tech' applications, knew what was in them, and wanted to keep
such 'secret', they first tried to 'bribe' me, and when that failed,
had me forcefully incarcerated - they'd learned how to do such in
their 'cold war' years' experience with the 'Soviet Union', in which
throwing folks into 'insane asylums', for 'political reasons' was

But, in This Nation, what they'd done to me, and to NDT's
understanding, was entirely Unconstitutional. I'd gone to the local
Authorities, and had received all necessary permissions to take this
First Amendment stand.

In their actions, they demonstrated how easy it is to 'Deny' the
Existence of America.

But, while, to this day, I stand against their Choice, I do not
condemn them.

I have, in fact, wept for them because they were so Victimized by
"Abstract Ignorance" that they could not sustain The Constitution of
The United States of America.

I was 'released' just in time to make it to my Mother in intensive
care. Her last words were, "I Love you, too."

Although she, too, would stand against them, she, too, would not
condemn them. She was "Graduating" - going on to Bigger and Better

The result of this Sorrowful stuff were that I saw that my Government
was actively working against the coming forward of NDT's
understanding. I could not miss such. It was just flat-out obvious.

So, understanding that my Government was Wrong, but understanding
that they'd Chosen Wrongly as a result of what, nevertheless, was,
through its collective experience, the only 'lens' through which it
could 'see' the world, and Seeing that NDT's understanding must,
nevertheless, come forward - because the Survival of Humanity depends
upon, and derives within, NDT's understanding coming forward - and
Seeing that I was in a new "race", this time with respect to the
ever-augmenting proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and
knowing that, since my Government was, in fact, Victimized by
"Abstract Ignorance", deriving 'blindly' and automatically in its
prior experience, I resolved to work to enable folks to "travel the
curved path" to understanding.

In this endeavor, which those who've been here in b.n all along have
witnessed, I 'put on' my 'funny style'. The main purpose of which was
with respect to keeping everything within the range of TD E/I that
nervous systems 'blindly' and automatically 'accept' as being
'safe' - the range of relatively-small TD E/I(up) that nervous
systems consign to the mechanism of "curiosity".

Then, using my 'funny style', I just went over everything again, and
again and again, with each pass, ratcheting-up ["ratched-pawling",
AoK, Ap5] the depth of the information-content.

The 'funny style' kept things within the necessary TD E/I range.

Years ago, some contacted me, but I 'warned them off'. I don't know
who these folks were. They could've been folks who just saw what was
in AoK, and who wanted to help out, or they could've been like the
man in the grey suit who came to me, that day [1985-09-04] in
Hartford, still wanting to 'get me off the street'. There was no way
for me to differentiate between the two alternatives, so I didn't try
to. I'd already set myself to 'the distance race' - to lifting folks
up in understanding by "following the curved path".

Regardless of whatever else was going on, it was necessary to work in
this way beccause, no matter who it was that would receive anything
I'd post, they were surely deeply-embedded within the stuff of their
prior experience, which was surely devoide of NDT's understanding,
and that was the main thing with which I had to deal.

Peter asked Jesus, ~"Lord, should I forgive seven times?" Jesus
replied, "Forgive seventy times seven." [Forgive endlessly.]

It's a bit 'arduous', but, because of the way nervous systems process
information,  it's the =only= approach that actually works. Anything
else precipitates tit-for-tat behavioral "inward spirals" [AoK, Ap8],
in which TD E/I increasingly accelerates until the low-'level'
supersystems, which 'blindly' and automatically monitor and react to
relative TD E/I, take over control of the supersystem, eliminating
Rationality, and Aggreression ensues, unfailingly.

Any who would point a condemning 'finger' at my Country need to
consider, deeply, their own correlations to History.

My Country strives to do the right thing. That it Fails, derives in
its prior experience within the =shared= History of Humanity.
Consider the Burden my Country carries. Weapons of mass destruction
do proliferate. With respect to such, the temptation is great to
resort to use of 'force'.

And that my Country 'caves-in' under such temptation is
understandable in 'light' of the fact that my Country remains being
dictated to by the Ignorance that derives in its prior experience.
What's in such experience? A lot of rushing into the 'falmes' of
conflict, the only thing in my Country's 'heart', the quelling of
such flames of conflict.

So there's room for folks of other Nations to comprehend my Country's
Error, which derives in its Ignorance, isn't there?


To my Country: You are, in fact, in Error. The course you have Chosen
is the Coward's 'way'. The hallmark of the Coward's 'way' is the
taking of action that denies to others that which your actions are
'engineered' to achieve for yourself.

Such is the Golden Rule, inverted.

How can your Error be Corrected?

You must Lead folks to understanding. You must settle in for the long
haul, to Teach the stuff of understanding.

Nothing else will work.

And it's precisely because you are, in fact, strong, that it falls to
you to give the Example of how to Lead =without= resort to use of

Look back over the recent History of This Nation. See, plain-as-day,
that you have Failed to Lead. That you have Failed to Teach the stuff
of Freedom.

It cannot be that, in the obvious absence of such, you, now, proclaim
that, somehow, others "should have known better".

How could anyone have "known better" when it was the case that you,
in the midst of your ascendency to the position of Leadership, Failed
to Lead - Failed to Teach the stuff of Freedom?

It is with respect to =This Failure=, on your own part, that your
actions need to be focused, =not= in doing what will =only= through
fuel on the flames of the fire that gained its ignition through your
own Victimization by the absence-of-understanding.

You know, ~"First remove the log from your own eye, so that you can,
then, remove the speck from your neighbor's eye."

"Forgive, seventy times seven."

Not to do so is the Coward's 'way', and the Coward's 'way' reaps the
Coward's 'reward'.

Choose "the narrow gate".

Choose Truth.

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you right back.

Not, and not.


I do not condemn you, but I do call you to "the better angels of
[your] spirits" [Abraham Lincoln], and do hold you to such, because I
know what's in your 'heart'.

K. P. Collins

"P. S. ..."

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