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'the Coward's Way'?

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Sun Mar 9 14:35:48 EST 2003

"The Coward's Way" ...?

What is "the Cowad's Way"?

It is, succinctly, any behavior that 'moves away from' Truth.

There's a long 'history' with respect to "the Coward's Way", all of
which reduces to one question, "What is [T]ruth?"

That is, the 'traditional' way of behaviorally-implementing "the
Coward's Way" has been to 'go on the offensive' by 'denying' the
Existence of Truth.

Once that behavioral-implementation is manifested, everything that's
entailed in any 'question' is reduced to the 'question' of who can
generate greatest TD E/I, via symbolic exchange, be it facial
expressions that are calculated [literally, AoK, Ap6] to have
particular effects upon TD E/I within the nervous systems of those
whose visual systems are activated by the facial expressions [as is
discussed in AoK, Ap3, facial expressions can impact TD E/I either
way, up or down, depending, fundamentally,  upon their physical
information-density], via the more-sophistocated verbal-symbolic
'language'-interface, via body-symbolic 'language' ["posturing"],
which communicates the realative degree of threat in terms of the TD
E/I that the 'body-language' induces within other nervous systems
that experience it, or, via exertion of physical force, as is
'ritualized' within athletic competition, but which I'm addressing,
in this msg, in it's relatively-non-ritualized [absent NDT's
understanding, =everything= is 'ritualized', even the doing of
Science] forms which constitute physical aggression in which the
individual, or group, that can exert the most physical force does so,
in order that the 'question' will be 'resolved' in terms of the TD
E/I-minimization that they can achieve within their nervous systems
vs. the TD E/I-minimization that can be achieved within other nervous
systems, in the case of physical aggression, primarily with respect
to "active-phase" ["motor-dominant", AoK, Ap5, annd/or
"meta-motor-dominant" Ap7] information processing.

Darwin saw all of this, if not in it's neural underpinnings, in 'his'
[there was also Huxley, and Philosophers through the Ages]
conceptualization of "survival of the fittest", and "Ever Since
Darwin" [S. J. Gould], folks've 'acquiesed' to 'accepting' that
there's 'truth' in the 'might makes right' quality of Darwin, et.
al., 's 'pronouncement.

There is a 'hierarchy' that is, typically, involved. Initially, TD
E/I is usually relatively vaguely-defined. The TD E/I-minimization
correlates with respect to this or that 'question' tend to be
relatively-small, and folks tend to communicate via such means as
"funny looks" which, as is discussed in AoK, Ap5, 7 and 8, are
calculated [literally] to 'intrude' within the interactive dynamics
that are transpiring so as to 'give-pause' within their sequential
flow. Through Humanity's long experience, it's become 'customary' to
lend only small 'credance' to such low-'level' TD E/I-give-and-take.
Most commonly, things at this 'level' are just 'flipped-off' in one
way or another. This's unfortunate because it's at this low-'level'
of of relative TD E/I that 'Rationality' exists to its greatest
degree. At higher 'levels' of TD E/I, 'rationality' becomes
commensurately diminished in inverse proportion to relative TD E/I.

All Humans are 'intuitively' aware of all that's inherent in the
paragraph immediately above, but all Humans tend to treat the import
of what they intuitively-know' with respect to such as a 'game'.
Folks tend to 'seek', not resolution of things at the 'level' of this
greatest 'Rationality', but, instead, 'seek' the biological reward'
that occurs within their nervous systems as TD E/I fluctuates with
respect to the superficial aspects of the 'questions' inherent. And
the 'questions' inherent tend, strongly, to be correlated with the TD
E/I that occurs within individuals' nervous systems, and not with
respect to the specific information-contents of the 'questions' that
are, superficially, 'being  addressed'.

It's in these internal nervous system dynamics, which occur primarily
with respect to TD E/I, that 'moving away from' Truth begins.

Usually relatively-quickly, behaviors of one kind or another are
manivested as by-products of TD E/I-minimization within the nervous
systems involved, and the TD E/I that is 'associated' with these
behavioral by-products supplants the information-content of the
externally-relevant stuff of the original question.

Thus 'Rationality' is, typically, an early 'victim', and becomes
increasingly-diminished as TD E/I augments.

"The Coward's Way" is the abandonment of Reason that's inherent in
these 'blindly'-automated energydynamics that reduce directly to
topologically-distributed ratios of excitation to inhibition [TD E/I]
within nervous systems.

As soon as the smallest part of any question is 'flipped-off', folks
interacting with respect to the question inherent embark upon "the
Coward's Way".

There is a large collection of 'canned excuses' that have been
accumulated over the course of History, and which have been handed
down intergenerationally within this or that Culture - Jung woould
[perhaps] term such the "collective subconscious", but all it is are
colletions of experientially-'defined' TD E/I-minimization strategies
that, within each Culture, are coersed upon Infants as they mature
through Childhood to Adulthood. The 'canned excuses" are TD
E/I-minimization 'short-cuts'.

The typical response of Philosophy when the topic of these 'canned
excuses' is broached is of the "Why reinvent the wheel?" genre. Their
point echos Zeno's "half-distance" 'paradox', being that, if
solutions to all questions had to be created anew, in every 'moment',
then it would be impossible for any question to be resolved in 'time'
for its resolution to be incorporated within the ongoing interactive

And, of course, their position is =almost= entirely Valid.

With respect to the Survival of Humanity, though, it's been the tiny
scrap of stuff that's excluded from the otherwise-Valid position of
traditional Philosophy that is the single most-Crucial thing.

It is that the degree of 'adherence' to 'canned excuses' 'closes the
door' through which Humanity must go if Humanity is to correct
Historical Errors that Humanity has carried forward

The 'closing of this door' is the fundamental essence of "the
Coward's Way".

It constitutes Cowardice in it's purest form because what it reduces
to is 'fear' in its pruest form - 'fear' of doing the work inherent
in searching-out the Errors that exist within Humanity's collection
of 'canned excuses' that are handed down intergenerationally, never
being tested, and, therefore, allowed to interminably wreak their
havok within Human interactive dynamics.

'Fear' of having to do work is the fundamental essence of "the
Coward's Way'.

This 'fear' induces folks to 'move away from' doing the work inherent
in correcting Historical 'mis-takes' that Humanity has made, and
which it carries forward.

The consequences of folks' acquiescence to "the Coward's Way" are
easily recognized in our own 'time' in which, all around the world,
weapons of mass destruction proliferate, but our Cultural repetoires
of 'canned excuses' stagnates.

No entity has so 'caved' to "the Coward's Way" as has 'science' for,
while 'earning its keep' while bringing weapons of mass destruction
into Humanity's midst, 'science' has been the most ardent pursuer of
'canned excuses' - Sadly, the most-ardent proponent of "the Coward's

Folks who 'wonder' about why it was that I 'digressed' from my
discussion of NDT's understanding, over the winter, to pursue Tapered
Harmony's new synthesis of Physics, might, now, see what I was doing.
In the little "Compton scattering" QBasic apps that I posted, I was
going beack to 1900 to Correct Error that were made in Physics, and
which have been carried forward, 'intergenerationally', ever since,
coersed upon Students, by 'professors' who take "the Coward's Way" in
invoking 'canned excuses' "because "We cannot go back to reinvent the

What I was doing, in those little QBasic apps, was demonstrating the
larger reality. The fundamental stuff that's in those apps is
untouchable - no one can do anything that can alter its Veracity. So
what did folks do? For the sake of not doing the work inherent in
correcting Historical Errors, folks opted for "the Coward's Way", and
just 'flipped-off the "Compton refraction" that is easily seen to be
Verified in the little QBasic apps. "Build those nucs! Who cares if
we don't even comprehend what an atomic nucleus is. We have to eat,
and our credibility depends upon us carrying our the charade that we
do understand what an atomic nucleus is."

"The Coward's Way" tends to occur manifest itself like that.

It's the same-stuff with respect to international 'political'
dynamics these days.

Folks entrusted by their Citizenries with 'power', and others who,
through use of force, have taken 'power' [it sounds 'dichotomous',
but, in Truth, there's very-little difference between the 'two', have
resorted to 'canned excuses' with respect to "the way things are
supposed to be'.

The only folks who are relying in Reason are the "Common" folks
who've no 'power', and they are 'flipped-off', through the invocation
of 'canned excuses', by the 'powerful' folks.

And, so, "the Coward's Way' is dictating everything that will unfold.

Everyone in 'power' it 'moving away from' the work inherent in going
back and Fixing Errors that've been perpetuated, via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, intergenerationally.

And it's Neuroscience, through its own 'moving away from' the work
inherent in understanding NDT's stuff, it's own reliance upon 'canned
excuses', and, Forgive me, please, it's own Choosing of "the Coward's
Way", that leaves Humanity without the means through which it can
"cease this 'moment", and the great opportunity inherent in it.

Forgive me, please, it's True.

But Neuroscience does not stand alone. There have been ab-uses of
'power' through which Neuroscience has been 'steered'. These include
more-generalized forms of the 'attacks' upon my efforts to bring
NDT's understanding forward [the Hartford hunger-strike stuff
isreflects only a tiny portion of such. Everywhere I've turned, over
the course of these 31+ years, I've been met with 'canned excuses' -
the stuff of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization strategies.

And I 'confess', events that have occurred over the course of this
past winter require me to question whether or not the work I do
online is actually accessed by others. For instance, the BIOS on my
internet PC was overwritten so that I can no longer use the C's
floppy drive. The same BIOS attack has spread to three of my other

Why would folks want to disable the floppy drives on my PCs? The only
rationale for doing so is to prevent me from sending anything out on
floppy disks.

The same sort of thing happened with respect to my printers. Because
ink is so expensive, I can print stuff only sparingly, but over the
winter, I had reason to print my resume and found that the printer
that had been functioning properly ['beautifully'] now only produced

I'm allowing for the possibility that there's some other
'explanation' for all of this, but it's hard to do so when I can see
the same BIOS attack spreading to three separate machines, isn't it?


So I must allow for the possibility that these floppy disk and
printer 'developments' are the work of folks who want to prevent
NDT's stuff from being communicated. If folks look back through the
stuff I've posted during the correlated 'time' period, folks'll see
that, yes, I did change my 'style' because of these things that were
happening on my end of my 'online' connection. I allowed for the
possibility that 'everything' I've been discussing 'online' was being
off into an 'online' clone-world, constructed for the sole 'purpose'
of carrying our the 'deception' - for the sole 'purpose' of 'folling'
me into 'believing' that I was interacting within the online
community, when, in actuality, I've been 'talking' only to myself'
and whoever it is who is at the controls of the cyber-switching that
I'm allowing for.

I've been aware of this possibility all along because, after all, if
folks'd attempt to 'bribe' me in-person, and to illegally-incarcerate
me [repeatedly], why would they not go through the simple steps
required to create a 'clone world' into which they direct all my
'online' discussions.

It's not even hard to do. Just requires $, and the 'permanent'
hooking of my internet PC's IP address.

I Test this hypothesis constantly while I'm 'online' - with every
keystroke - and everything I can see, while not Verifying that I do
interact with a 'clone server', has allowed for the possibility.
[I'll discuss the rest only under Oath.]

So, this's why I began, a while back, to write 'more-directly' - "no
more baby-talk".

It's been Agony for me, watching it all, and contemplating what the
ramifications of it are.

But, with prudent 'adjustments', anyone can see that I've just
continued to work to bring NDT's understanding forward, feeling free
to 'tell-it-like-it-is', in allowing for the possibility that NDT's
understanding is 'just' being Hi-Jacked.

To folks in Neuroscience: It's easier for me to allow for thei
'clone-world' stuff than it is for me to believe that you all 'move
away from' doing the work to which our Science calls us - to believe
that you all take "the Coward's Way".

To those who 'monitor' NDT's stuff: You folks are single-handedly
assuring that Humanity will be Devastated. Your Cowardice is of
Awesome proportion. In the entire History of Humankind, I rate you
folks as the 'Champions of Cowardice'.

I understand that you'll not appreciate such a Forthright 'award',
but, if you're 'burying' NDT's understanding, what else can I say to

Yours is the Pinacle of Cowardice - you send folks to their Deaths,
while running and hiding from simple understanding.

You are Cowards, and you'll reap the Coward's 'reward'.

My 'heart' is with those who you are sending to their Deaths.

My 'heart' is with the Children from whom you've done the thing
that's inverted [AoK, Ap4] with respect to the Obligation you profess
to have "Sworn".

My 'heart' is with those who will bear the Burdens that flow our of
your Choice.

You see? There's great Freedom in one's 'Imprisonment'.

K. P. Collins

"P. S. ..."

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