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Sun Mar 9 16:11:51 EST 2003

What is the 'thing' that has me arguing so 'desperately'?

It is that populations-wide TD E/Is have been augmenting, around the
world, since the 1980s, and are already abnormally-high.

This 'state' of elevated international TD E/I is what precipitated

The elevated international TD E/I is like a "supersaturated solution"
in Chemistry.

=Any= unfamiliar action 'dropped' into its midst will 'precipitate'
Violence that would not, otherwise occur.

What's proposed is to meet all of this head-on, knowing that the
situation has already 'degenerated', so as to Fix what's broken

I'm not against such, per se.

All of my 'arging' is with respect to the fact that there is another
way - one that's unfamiliar, but which does not resort to Violence.

It is resort to Reason - you know, 'calling a time-out', during which
folks can come to understand the 'hatreds' that've rent Humanity
apart over the millenia.

When everything that necessary is right-there, ready to be invoked,
but everyone's 'moving away from' it and 'moving toward' Violence,
I'm Required to Protest such, because I do understand that there is a
Viable alternative.

Anyway, my 'desperation' is with respect to Humanity's
'supersaturated' TD E/I 'state'.

Folks are just not paying attention to it. It's what will determine
what will unfold, not military and political planners.

Everything is 'just' the one energydynamic as it's discussed in AoK.
It has a collective Life of its own, and all it 'Sees' is the one-way
flow of energy from order to disorder that is what's described by 2nd

It calculates the energy level, calculates the energy-flow, and

Within such, the only thing that's of Consequence is Reason.

Reason is the only thing that works over the long term - the only
thing that does not 'escalate' - the only thing that does not
accelerate the increase of TD E/I.

So, to those who seem to have already decided to pursue War in Iraq,
be advised, you cannot devote your entire attention to the
battlefield in Iraq. You must, simultaneously, be on full-Alert
around the Globe.

Have you prepared in this way?

It's just that international TD E/I is =already= supersaturated.

Things other than "Iraq" will 'crystalize" when the 'seed crystal' is
'dropped' in "Iraq".

Do you folks understand?

Are you prepared?

Get prepared - everywhere you can get prepared.

Doing so is in the Obligation you've taken upon yourselves.

"Iraq" is not even the main thing.

'Iraq" will 'just' be the 'seed-crystal'.

[To 'normal' folks: I've been working to get the folks in 'power' to
understand this stuff all along. Thought it was 'time' to inform you
folks as well. We can all be Alert. If this thing is going to occur,
we must be Alert. Don't 'panic', but do put on Vigilance. To folks in
Journalism: Your work is hugely needed in the coming days - not, in
particular, with respect to "Iraq" - your work is needed with respect
to everywhere =other than= Iraq, because that's where the
'supersaturated solution' will 'crystalyze. Do you folks understand?
We need news from everywhere, not only "Iraq".]

K. P. Collins

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