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I do stand against War. All War.

Violence 'teaches' Violence.

And I understand that what I'm doing has the appearance of being

But what would actually =be= offensive would be knowing what I know
and not acting.

I'll take whatever Consequences come to me because I do Choose to


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| What is the 'thing' that has me arguing so 'desperately'?
| It is that populations-wide TD E/Is have been augmenting, around
| world, since the 1980s, and are already abnormally-high.
| This 'state' of elevated international TD E/I is what precipitated
| 2001-09-11.
| The elevated international TD E/I is like a "supersaturated
| in Chemistry.
| =Any= unfamiliar action 'dropped' into its midst will 'precipitate'
| Violence that would not, otherwise occur.
| What's proposed is to meet all of this head-on, knowing that the
| situation has already 'degenerated', so as to Fix what's broken
| in-there.
| I'm not against such, per se.
| All of my 'arging' is with respect to the fact that there is
| way - one that's unfamiliar, but which does not resort to Violence.
| It is resort to Reason - you know, 'calling a time-out', during
| folks can come to understand the 'hatreds' that've rent Humanity
| apart over the millenia.
| When everything that necessary is right-there, ready to be invoked,
| but everyone's 'moving away from' it and 'moving toward' Violence,
| I'm Required to Protest such, because I do understand that there is
| Viable alternative.
| Anyway, my 'desperation' is with respect to Humanity's
| 'supersaturated' TD E/I 'state'.
| Folks are just not paying attention to it. It's what will determine
| what will unfold, not military and political planners.
| Everything is 'just' the one energydynamic as it's discussed in
| It has a collective Life of its own, and all it 'Sees' is the
| flow of energy from order to disorder that is what's described by
| Thermo.
| It calculates the energy level, calculates the energy-flow, and
| 'reacts'.
| Within such, the only thing that's of Consequence is Reason.
| Reason is the only thing that works over the long term - the only
| thing that does not 'escalate' - the only thing that does not
| accelerate the increase of TD E/I.
| So, to those who seem to have already decided to pursue War in
| be advised, you cannot devote your entire attention to the
| battlefield in Iraq. You must, simultaneously, be on full-Alert
| around the Globe.
| Have you prepared in this way?
| It's just that international TD E/I is =already= supersaturated.
| Things other than "Iraq" will 'crystalize" when the 'seed crystal'
| 'dropped' in "Iraq".
| Do you folks understand?
| Are you prepared?
| Get prepared - everywhere you can get prepared.
| Doing so is in the Obligation you've taken upon yourselves.
| "Iraq" is not even the main thing.
| 'Iraq" will 'just' be the 'seed-crystal'.
| [To 'normal' folks: I've been working to get the folks in 'power'
| understand this stuff all along. Thought it was 'time' to inform
| folks as well. We can all be Alert. If this thing is going to
| we must be Alert. Don't 'panic', but do put on Vigilance. To folks
| Journalism: Your work is hugely needed in the coming days - not, in
| particular, with respect to "Iraq" - your work is needed with
| to everywhere =other than= Iraq, because that's where the
| 'supersaturated solution' will 'crystalyze. Do you folks
| We need news from everywhere, not only "Iraq".]
| K. P. Collins
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