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Peter F fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au
Sun Mar 9 22:29:38 EST 2003

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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> What is the 'thing' that has me arguing so 'desperately'?
> It is that populations-wide TD E/Is have been augmenting, around the
> world, since the 1980s, and are already abnormally-high.
Okey your then government might have sold weapons to Saddam and train him to
torture (and whatever else), BUT by 'fleet-footed forebrain reflexes' you
have found and refined this way to forget focusing on the most primary
personal cause(s) of your desperation.

> It is resort to Reason - you know, 'calling a time-out', during which
> folks can come to understand the 'hatreds' that've rent Humanity
> apart over the millenia.
Please try to tell us something of what causes these hatreds!

> Anyway, my 'desperation' is with respect to Humanity's
> 'supersaturated' TD E/I 'state'.

It has been "supersaturated" for a _very_ long time.

The only big difference is, that, in combination with the current
availability of nuclear and chemical/biologic weapons (and of ditto
technological expertice), what can be sparked-off these days (from this
"supersaturated" state) -- IOW, "how SHITS (come CURSES - and "CURSES
surfing" on our instinctual "neural platforms for aggressivness") can hit
the fan" these days -- can have a much more destructive impact, than any
aggressive acts ever attempted in all of Humanity's "bad _old_ days" could
have had.


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