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Sun Mar 9 23:02:23 EST 2003

Do folks get the main 'point'?

Through each individual's unique set of experiences, TD
E/I-minimization within in each individual's nervous system converge
upon 'knowledge' that is 'valid' within the realms of their
individually-unique experience.

Such compounds within groups of folks who share relatively-similar

The problem inherent in such is that, when folks having experienced
relatively-exclusively within culture A encounter folks who've
expereinced relatively-exclusively within culture B, the members of
each 'group' experience the members of the other 'group' as being
'bad' because the two 'group's experiential differentials result in
their behaviors tending to 'blindly' and automatically elevate TD E/I
within each others' nervous systems.

At the 'level' of their 'casual' interaction, there's no 'rightness'
or 'wrongness' involved.

All the members of the two 'groups' 'know' is that each others'
behaviors tend, more or less strongly, to cause them to feel a 'sense
of revulsion' - which is 'just' a commonplace "finitization" [AoK,
Ap4] of the one nervous system internal frame of reference
'Geometry's convergence upon the internal TD E/I correlates which
underpin 'moving away from' behaviors.

You know - 'moving away from' - like what everyone does with respect
to NDT's understanding - and 'me' [even though I Love folks more than
their Mothers probably did :-] [Forgive me, please, but, in most
cases, it's True.]

So, do 'you' see the Problem?

Folks've Slaughtered one another since the Beginning because of these
'blindly'-automated nervous system dynamics.

Anyone can see that something must be done to lift Humanity up above
the 'blindly'-automated Savagery that's inherent.

The question is what to do and how to do it.

NDT's understanding points the way because it allows folks to
evaluate 'methods' in terms of the TD E/I that they induce within the
global community.

Any approach that can achieve the desired goal of eliminating the
'blindly'-automated Savagery can be 'measured', or [literally]
Weighed in terms of the TD E/I that it will generate within nervous

And the best approach is that which induces least TD E/I(up).

Given the least-TD E/I(up) approach, All other approaches
=needlessly= 'breathe life' into future reactive dynamics.

Throughout History, folks've resorted to the latter type of
non-optimized approaches - mainly war, aggression, armed conflict -
anything but the least-TD E/I(up)-generating approach.

Making the least TD E/I(up)-generating approach possible is what
NDT's understanding is all about.

It's not 'ski-pie'. NDT is just Verified Science.

There is one considerable problem inherent in resorting to the use of
NDT's understanding, though.

It is that, since NDT's understanding is, itself, relatively
unfamiliar to folks, initial invocations of it tend to elevate TD
E/I, which 'complicates' resort to NDT's understanding.

But, see, that's just it. NDT's understanding maps the route to
enduring Peace. So the matter becomes one of Choosing between doing
some work 'once and for all', or Choosing to literally =invite=
furure recurrence of Savagery.

But, when one looks at the escalating proliferation of weapons of
mass destruction, one sees, clearly, that although there's some
non-trivial one-time work involved in invoking NDT's understanding,
such must, nevertheless, be accomplished because, as weapons of mass
destruction do proliferate, each succeeding occurrence of Savagery
will become more-destructive, until Humanity Destroys itself.

We're at the threshold of this 'time' within the History of Humanity.

The Choice is ours, with respect to all future generations of

It is us who will either be remembered as having Chosen Heroically on
behalf of all those future generations of Humanity, or it is us who
will precipitate Humanity's non-Survival.

It's a 'no-brainer' - because we do have Brains, and we, now, know
how to use them.

Or will we be 'afraid' of doing the work inherent - will we 'avert
our eyes' - will we 'move away from' doing the work inherent?

You know - will we Choose "the Coward's Way"?

This Decision, for all of future Human History, is =ours=.

It's what we can do for Humanity.

How can we not?

K. P. Collins

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