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Hi Peter.

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| > It is resort to Reason - you know, 'calling a time-out', during
| > folks can come to understand the 'hatreds' that've rent Humanity
| > apart over the millenia.
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| Please try to tell us something of what causes these hatreds!

It's in the neural Topology [fancy Geometry] of nervous systems'
"special topological homeomorphsm" as it's discussed in AoK -
"decussation", "front-center orientation ramp architecture",
"inverting and True biological reward", and the hierarchy of TD
E/I-minimization and "supersystem configuration mechanisms", all of
which function, in unison, to yield behavioral by-products of TD
E/I-minimization that 'move away from' whatever it is that is 'hated'
[or, conversely, 'move toward' that which is 'Loved']. NDT maps how
all of this happens within nervous systems with respect to TD E/I, at
the same 'time' disclosing how it is that merely-familiar stuff tends
to be 'loved' and merely-unfamiliar stuff tends to be 'hated'.

The discussion that's in AoK, and the refs cited in AoK, was
sufficient at the 'time' when AoK was written.

If I were to discuss the same stuff today, however, I'd have to go
back to the Neuroscience stacks to bring myself up to date with
contemporaneous experimental results. As things stand, I can't even
get to the Library. And, if I did, all I could do is reiterate what's
in the newer experimental results.

But anyone who can get to the Library, and who wants to do so can do
such reading.

What NDT, as it stands [basically, as it's briefly presented in AoK
[except for non-existent 'time'], does is provide the neural
Topological 'skeleton' upon which everything else 'hangs', while,
simultaneously, organizing everything that's 'hung' upon the

It's my position [and has been my stated position all along] that the
only thing that will happen as a result of more-detailed experimental
results being achieved is that NDT's position will only become
further, and more-strongly substantiated.

This is because the neural Topology of the "special topological
homeomorphism" [the first Proof of the existence of which is given in
AoK, Ap3] rigorously orders everything else within nervous systems,
so that the only way that NDT's position will not endure is if
evolutionary dynamics completely undo the physical reality of the
"special topological homeomorphism" of nervous systems, as such is
discussed in AoK synthesis.

I wouldn't've 'bothered' folks if NDT's position dis not stand

Since it does, how can I not 'bother' folks with respect to such?

I do understand folks' 'moving away from', though. Such is explained
in AoK, isn't it?



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