President Carter: Alternative to War

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"George W. Queeg", By PAUL KRUGMAN

Quoting from the Column: "it will have been the wrong war, fought for the wrong reasons".

While I 'grimace' at the title, it's with immense-Sorrow [and probably at Great personal cost] that I Agree with the Columnist's assessment.

Even in the midst of the immense resources available to them, folks in Washington have, all along, limited the information with respect to which their nervous systems achieve TD E/I-minimization to their own within-the-Beltway small-group inbred-stuff - as if they were sitting around playing a parlor.

Not enough work actually going-on in-there relative to the Deadly 'decisions' that're coming out of there - no actual Thinking going on.

K. P. Collins

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| "A Statement By President Carter: An Alternative To War"
| I agree with you, Mr. President.
| K. P. Collins

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