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President Carter: Alternative to War

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Sat Mar 15 02:04:13 EST 2003

My 'heart' is heavy.

Seems like I 'die' a little bit more with every msg I post.

But it all needs to be accomplished.


Humanity needs to be lifted-through some stuff.

What 'stuff'.

It's Ignorance with respect to the way that 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization 'dictates' that 'there will be' this or that
instance of 'blindly'-automated Savagery.

Part of what's 'hard' is that I understand that folks in Neuroscience
are just more of the Victims of absence-of-understanding that's
Ravaged all of Humanity, but I must look to Neuroscience to take the
Lead in bringing the understanding forward because the understanding
is squarely within the province of Neuroscience - but, because of the
way the understanding 'lays-bare' all the 'crap' that members of our
species have 'dumped' on each other over the course of the millenia,
and the way that just talking about that stuff makes one a 'target',
I do understand that what I ask of folks in Neuroscience is 'hard'.

I do understand.

But there's no way around it, is there?

So that's why I've been discussing all manner of stuff here in
bionet.neuroscience - all of it reduces to the Neuroscience, finally
comprehended, but the understanding inherent not having been

I'm working to demonstrate, to folks in Neuroscience, the Costs of
Neuroscience's non-action.

But I =do= understand that folks in Neuroscience are just more of the
Victims of absence-of-understanding that's Ravaged all of Humanity,
and that's why I 'die' a little bit with every msg I post in the
midst of Neuroscience.

I've been taking most of the examples from contemporaneous news
reports, deliberately, in order to demonstrate the ubiquity of the
Costs to Humanity of the way that 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization 'dictates' to folks that 'their stuff is good', and
"others' stuff is bad'.

Tonight, I'll discuss a couple of more examples, but, first, I want
to clarify one thing: =everybody's= 'in the same boat' - it's just
that only a few folks make it into the News. I'm not holding anyone
in the examples I use to anything that I don't hold everyone else,
including myself, to.

Yje absence-of-understanding that has prevailed does not
differentiate amongst Humans. It Ravages =everyone=. Folks in the
News accounts are just folks who are Victimized by the
absence-of-understanding, like everyone else, but who happen to make
it into the News.

I've realized that I should have made this clear a long 'time' ago.
That I Failed to do so is part of why I 'die' a little with every msg
I post.

"Torture, Beyond Saddam", By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF


The above Column discusses a 'compromise' that echos the U. S.
Government's formor compromise with respect to Iraq while Iran and
Iraq were at war.

The U. S. 'took sides', playing one regime off against the other,
including providing arms - including 'averting its eyes' when Iraq
used chemical weapons against its own people.

Now, the U. S. is doing the same thing with respect to the Turks and
the Kurds - and it's going to create yet another Ravaged-mess down
the road.

Why do I bring stuff like this up in the context of my ongoing
discussion of NDT's stuff?

It's because there're decisions being made that lead to all of this
Savagery, but NDT's understanding, which applies robustly within such
matters, will not be brought forward.

The costs, inherent, must be discussed in the light of day.

"NASA Was Asked to 'Beg' for Help on Shuttle Photos", By MATTHEW L.


"A senior investigator with the independent board that is looking
into the crash cited Mr. Rocha's e-mail message today as evidence
that top NASA managers might have failed to encourage a healthy
exchange of ideas and intimidated those below them in the

'Cloistered thinking' deriving in prejudice toward what's

NDT explains why folks 'moved away from' doing the unfamiliar,
possibly life-saving, thing.

With the photos, a contingency plan could have been developed, like
the one that brought Apollo-13 all the way back from the moon, though
it was severely 'crippled'.

How would NDT's understanding have made a difference?

Folks would've comprehended the 'danger' inherent in being 'lulled'
into a TD E/I-minimized familiar routine when Human space flight is
involved. The understanding would've lifted the folks in control
above such - it would;ve been in their 'rutine' that there is no
"routine" in Human space flight. The understanding would have enabled
them to fight-through being 'lulled' into the TD E/I-minimization
relative-low that captured them. Instead, they were 'in the volcano's
crater' when it 'errupted'.

All needless.

All be-cause NDT's understanding has not been Communicated.

[Because of the relative-novelty of manned space flight back then,
Apollo-13 suffered no such 'lulling' into routine, which is why 'no
stones were left unturned' and why the Astronauts made it home

Why will no one help me get a paper published?

Why not let the past be the past, and do what needs to be done in the
present 'moment'?

Blame me. I can't get a paper published. I write, call, visit, ask.
I'm always told, "No".

Folks in Neuroscience can change that "no" into a "yes". but folks in
Neuroscience, themselves, say, "No", 'by default'.

Our Science demands more of us.

Blame me. But please help me get a paper published.

The absence-of-understanding has Ravaged Humanity 'enough'.

K. P. Collins

[Quotes © 2003, by The New York Times.]

"Kenneth Collins" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net_NOSPAM> wrote in
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| "A Statement By President Carter: An Alternative To War"
| http://www.cartercenter.org/viewdoc.asp?docID=1165&submenu=news
| I agree with you, Mr. President.
| K. P. Collins

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