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The Vice President on 'Meet The Press'

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Sun Mar 16 15:11:34 EST 2003

I saw the Vice President on NBC's "Meet The Press" this morning.

I understand that my comments are not likely to dissuade folks from resorting to Aggression, but here is my Analysis of the Vice President's comments:

My overall impression is that this was a summary-position-statement of 'u. s.' Policy that derives not in the arguments presented by the Vice President, but in the stuff of long-former, un-thought-through, 'conclusions' of a small, experientially-inbred, group formerly referred to as "the Coup-Fo"], that were handed, whole, to the current Administration, and that the Vice President's comments constituted an attempt to 'reverse-engineer' an 'enveloping rationale' for what was actually 'announced' as having been Decided back when the President stated the 'doctrine of pre-emption' in his talk at West Point about a year ago.

[In my comments, I'm using "'u. s.'" to connote the difference between the work of the small group of inbred-thought-folks who have imposed their inbred-thought upon the Citizenry of America, and The United States of America - =Big= Difference. I mean no 'disrespect'. I'm just using my customary 'style' while discussing my Analysis.]

Inconsistencies inherent in the Vice President's comments include the fact that, while the 'u. s.' possesses, and acts-through the threat inherent in, its own weapons of mass destruction, thereby having 'taught' folks in other Nations the 'value' of weapons of mass destruction, the 'u. s.' says, "It's OK for us to possess weapons of mass destruction, and to act-through the threat of their use, but it's not OK for folks who don't possess weapons of mass destruction to gain their possession, and act-through the threat injerent in them."

It's the imbalance inherent in this position that is the actual progenitor of 'hostilities' toward the United States of America.

It's apparant that the inbred-thought from which the 'u. s.' position has sprung remains oblivious to this huge imbalance and all of its ramifications within Human interactive dynamics.

In the context of the impending War with Iraq, the 'u. s.' is saying to the people of that Nation, "Do as I say, not as I do", which sort of thing always has only one effect - it causes long-term TD E/I to increase within nervous systems across populations. This is True because 'moving away from' Truth is inherent in the "We are right, you are wrong"  nature of the dichotomized pronouncement.

Folks experience Truth, inherent in the TD E/I they experience, depending on which 'side' of the dichotomy that they exist.

Possession of weapons of mass destruction, and acting-through the threat of their use is wrong for everyone, because such 'moves away from' the Survival of Humanity. Period.

The problem inherent is the problem that is resolved in NDT's understanding - over the entire scope of Human interactive dynamics, from interpersonal to international.

The Vice President discussed "20th centruy" vs. "21st century" 'mindsets', but the resort to use of force in problem-'resolution' is ancient and archaic, dating back to before "centuries" were even counted. So this :century vs. century" stuff is devoid of meaning - except with respect to its inherent, "We are right, you are wrong" connotation with respect to the 'u. s.' and the rest of Humanity.

It's not hard to see who is 'right' and who is 'wrong'.

As Lincoln said, "You can't fool all of the people all of the time."

The Vice President spoke of Saddam Hussein's 'rejection' of the U. N., even as the 'u. s.' 'rejects' the U. N., while the Vice President says, "We try to work through the U.N." - waord vs. actions, again.

The Vice President discussed Truth inherent in the current circumstances of The United States of America - that there are small groups of people who will stop at nothing to acquire weapons of mass destruction and, not only threaten to use them against The United States of America, but will use them against The United States of America.

And, of course, everything that can be done to prevent such must be done in order to prevent the millions of Murders that would be inherent in such.

It's the case, however, that the 'u. s.' has Chosen not to do everything that can be done to prevent such - they've had access to NDT's understanding for ~20 years, and have not acted upon it [well, they did, but in 'other' ways].

Still, the present Threat is Real, and demands preventative action.

The Threat is Real be-cause the Threat has been actively-invited through the "We are right, and you are wrong" position that the 'u. s.' has actively fostered since the end of World War II.

The Vice President said the Threat "will come from a handful of terrorists". I agree, but refer to them as the 'Coup-Fo'.

As I've discussed in the past, the impetus of the 'u. s.' to 'strike-out' is nothing more than a 'mirror-image' of terrorists' 'striking' behavior, and, in Choosing this 'mirror-image' way, the 'U. S.' is declaring that it is the terrorists who 'lead' us. [The correlated neural Topology and 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization dynamics are discussed in AoK, Ap5. What has happened is that the 'u. s.' has hung a 'rationale' upon what was actually its 'knee-jerk' reaction to the 2001-09-11 attacks, so it's the 'blindly'-automated stuff that forms the heart of the 'u. s.' position - no actual Thought went into it, except with respect to establishing a 'cover story' for what was 'decided' by 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, and dictated, whole, upon The United States of America.]

The Vice President said that, "The only nation that really has the capability to deal effectively with those threats is the ['u. s.']."

This is not True.

The sorrowful interactive dynamics into which Humanity has descended cannot be addressed through resort to force because they are the stuff of the one energydynamic, with respect to which, the energydynamics within individual nervous systems are 'slippery' - 'pkug a hole' here, TD E/I(up) pours-out elsewhere, never-endingly.

The 'u. s.' is 'gambling' that, a massive show of force in Iraq will 'snap everyone back into line' around the world, and, over the short-term, such is likely to be the case.

But the sorrowful interactive dynamics into which Humanity has descended constitute the the behavioral by-products of the long-term energydynamic, which will only augment until Humanity comes to terms with the problem inherent in the way 'passions' and 'hatreds' 'blindly' and automatically arise within nervous systems as by-products of 'blindly'-automated [unthinking] TD E/I-minimization dynamics with respect to that which has merely become 'familiar' within individuals' experience.

The Vice President said, "Brent Scocroft is wrong" with respect to the position Mr. Scocroft's has taken on the way that the 'u. s.' has been Undermining the National Interests of The United States of America by antagonizing its former Allies, but Mr. Scocroft is verifiably correct.

The Vice President also said that, "unwillingness in the ['u. s.'] to stand with our friends is provacative."

I agree, and presume Mr. Scocroft would, too.

Do folks see what I'm getting at.

There has been a better way.

There is a better way.

And, after use of force by the 'u. s.' in Iraq, there will still remain the need for pursuing the better way.

Why was the better way 'burried'?

Why does it remain 'burried'?

Will it remain 'burried', even as everything it has long predicted continues to increasingly Ravage Humanity?

K. P. Collins
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