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brain antedation (Libet) implications

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Sun Mar 16 16:10:46 EST 2003

"harkyl" <kharvey06 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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| I have posted this thread at a forum I more frequently visit.  It
| brought no reply.  I regret if Libet's brain antedation has been
| pounded into oblivion here, but would be obliged for any additional
| interpretation or conclusion.  What follows is a brief review of
| Libet's findings followed by a conclusion/questions.
| There is a separation (in time) of conscious awareness from
| electrochemical events in the brain as shown by by Libet et al.
| It has been shown that conscious sensation does not occur
| as neuronal electrochemical signals reach the cerebral cortex.
| the signal reaches the cortex, there is an incubation period during
| which there is propagation and attenuation of the neuronal
| transmission until it reaches the appropriate level before
| This period may be as long as .5s, but the self -conscious mind is
| shown to be able to antedate the perception so that it is perceived
| happen up to .5s before the triggering neuronal event.  This
| is called antedation.  The apparent paradox:  "My hand on the oven
| coil coincides with the pain I am aware of even though the time it
| takes to be aware of my hand burning takes .5s from the time the
| signal had reached the cortex".  Keeping in mind that actual
| transmission (long tract nerve fibers) is around .015s from skin to
| cerebral cortex as shown by evoked potential (EP):  added to the
| of cortical activity before it can be experienced, it should take
| .515s before being aware of the pain.  However the event is
| by being referred in time to the initial evoked response of the
| cortex.  Thus only seeming to take the .015s from long tract fibers
| cortex.
| It is agreed that a conscious experience does not 'light up' as
| as impulses in some sensory pathway reaches the primary
| areas in the cerebral hemisphere.  But our conscious awareness some
| how tricks us into thinking our hand burned coincidently in time
| our awareness of it.  This anomaly seems to strengthen the dual
| of mind brain.  Perhaps this anomaly is the result of a conceptual
| error.  Does it also question Kantian time as a priori valid?
| Kyle

Hi Kyle, the problem is actually dealt with at spinal 'levels'. The
higher 'level' stuff 'tags along for the ride' in order that
'conscousness' remain unified.

There exist no such thing as 'time' within physical reality.

What's been referred to as 'time' is a mistaken notion of what is
actually an energy-flow that's rigorously correlated to the one-way
flow of energy from order to disorder that is what's described by the
2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

When we wind a clock, we impart 'potential energy' to the clock's
spring. As this 'potential energy' transforms into 'kinetic energy',
motion is imparted to the clock's works. The 'clock' meters the
energy-flow, not non-existent 'time'.

It's the same throughout physical reality.

So "Kantian time" also has no physically-real existence.

It's useful to speak of 'time', but there's cognitive
'sleight-of-hand' in-there when we do so.

Why such matters is that invocation of non-existent 'time' 'blinds'
us to physical reality, which  imposes cognitive-overhead [the
"cognitive 'sleight-of-hand'"] within our thinking.


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