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brain antedation (Libet) implications

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Mon Mar 17 13:00:54 EST 2003

Hi Peter.

"Peter F" <fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
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| "KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| >
| > AoK, Ap3 & 5, and every Neuroanatomy text since Cajal, I expect.
| >
| > Convergence with respect to TD E/I(min) within the merged
| > "protopathic" and "specific" activation is what sorts it all out.
| >
| Ken,
| Yes. But please, also consider how this simple and conservative
| neuropsychoanatomical view of the brain might serve (if not wrong!)
as a
| *complementary* explanation of the fact that highly selective
| unconsciousness and simultanous "putting" of CURSES can be induced
| if "gates" (quickly shut by GABA and far more tenaciously _kept_
shut by
| involvement of endogenous opiate-like neuromodulators) that block
| SHITS-specific distress and/or flight-fight motivating signals only
need to
| affect energizing (or back-ground tone and awakeness maintaining)
| neurons".
| Peter

It's Proven, Peter.

'Course, right-there, in the Proof, is also the Prediction that
folks';; 'move away from' the stuff that stands Proven [AoK, Ap10

It's why I 'reiterate' while Life remains in-me.

We've so much more, innate, but untapped, within our nervous systems,
than the 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization with respect to
which 'humanity' has, thus far, 'acquiesced'.

Folks 'move toward 'SHITS' and 'CURSES', and 'move away from' Truth,
'wondering', all the while, why we are so miserably "bound by 'human

Truth is, we are not so 'bound'.

Truth is, we 'choose' to abdicate Choice - abdicate Free Will -
'choose' the same-old 'blind'-automation-'leading'-'blind'-automation
that 'led' the cave dwellers - that 'leads' a puppy brought home to
this house, and not to "the yellow house down the street", to become
'territorial' [Prejudiced] with respect to the former, but not with
respect to the latter, as a result of the fact that, while maturing
into its Adulthood, it has merely experienced the stuff of the
former, and not experienced the stuff of the latter.

So, like the dog, we 'bark' in the 'night' of our existences,
'blindly' and automatically oblivious to why it is that we do so
'bark' - 'blindly' and automatically oblivious to the Savagery and
Wastefulness inherent.

And, then, we 'teach' our Children to 'bark', like us, lest in their
finding a better way, they cause us to 'suffer' "rendering useless's
[AoK, Ap7 & 8] TD E/I(up) - 'oblivious' to the fact that the
'rendering useless' of that which Ravages us is inherent in
transcendance of its Savagery.

There is no greater Tragedy than this - it's the wellspring of "man's
inhumanity to man" - the wellspring of 'hatred' - the wellspring of
Prejudice - the wellspring of every war that's ever been fought - the
wellspring of all Aggression - the wellspring of the Ignorance
through which we slay our own Hope.

Go figure.

I shall Choose the other way - the way of understanding - the way of
Science - the way of that 'moves toward' Truth - while there's Life
in me.

Cheers, Peter, ken

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