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K.P. Collins

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Tue Mar 18 22:47:15 EST 2003

"I guess you guys aren't ready for that, yet. But your kids are going
to love it!" ['Marty McFly - the Michael J. Fox character, commenting
on Chuck Barry's Music in the 'Enchantment Under the [See]" dance
scene in "Back to the Future [I]"

First, I'm not "dumping on this fourm". =Everything= I'm doing is
100% Neuroscience, and your Children will be glad for it.

Second, I understand that what I'm doing is 'difficult', and will
appreciate it if you work to understand that, OK?

I've only done what =needed= to be done, while having 'traditional'
means to do it 'withheld' from me.

So, third, I've had to do what needed to be done in a non-traditional

Consider that which you've posted to me in that light, a bit.

Start by thinking about what you'd do, if Truth that no one else
could see fell to you, but no one would even talk to you.

I Hope you'd do what needed to be done, anyway.

I, for one, would talk to you.

Fifth, I've learned how to spell, "Braunschweiger".

Seriously, I do understand.

Be at Peace.

But I will continue, while there's Life in-me - hoping that folks'll
meet with me to discuss it all. You know, like folks in Science do
meet to discuss Science.

K. P. Collins

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Please stop dumping on this fourm.

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