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To The Citizens of Great Britain

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Wed Mar 19 14:08:36 EST 2003

I started to do it last night, but realized, that had I done so,
there would've been the appearance of 'currying favor', which,
rightly or wrongly, I am loath to do.

The Citizenry of Great Britain has always been, and will always be,
Kin to me, because we share so much, but mostly because Great
Britain's long struggle to wrestle Rule of Law into its Existence,
'culminating'  in the writing of the Magan Carta, formed the basis
for Rule of Law in America. Together, Great Britain and The United
States of America have, historically, Chosen to Serve Humanity well.

In our present circumstances, however, all of such is at Risk, and,
in the Spirit that breathed Life into both the Magna Carta and The
Constitution of The United States of America, I Honor Truth,

I disagree with Choices Prime Minister Blair has made, largely as a
Consequence of his being bullied by a small group of folks who have
worked a silent Coup within the works of American Leadership.

I Stand with Robin Cook, John Denin and his Colleague MP whose name
was not stated in the News accounts to which I'd access, who, in the
Spirit of Sir Thomas More, and in the Spirit that wrestled the Maga
Carta into Existence, Chose to Honor Truth with their very Beings,
and all MPs who, through their Votes, Honored Truth that there is a
better way for Humanity to go into its collective future than through
;blindly'-automated tit-for-tat Savagery.

Hold your heads high.

Humanity is 'just' going through what will, subsequently, be
recognized as it's Birth Agony.

Good Luck, my Friends.

K. P. Collins

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