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Hi Didier.

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| > I started to do it last night, but realized, that had I done so,
| > there would've been the appearance of 'currying favor', which,
| And this would have to do with neuroscience because?

Background info - because I'm aware that there folks to whom such
matters. You've excised the context in which I was working to give
some folks a sense for what "TD E/I-minimization" is, and an example
of how such can be given from one to others.

| This used to be a great newsgroup, until [third party ref deleted]
| and other clowns started overloading it with their farcical brain
| theories. It's too bad.

Since you've replied to post, it's not unreasonable to presume that
NDT is included in the set of "farcical brain theories".

If so, your statement is verifiably-False.


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