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a question

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Thu Mar 20 14:03:21 EST 2003

Hi John,

Your reply to VaeSolis offers opportunity for discussion of yet more
stuff that few, if anyone other than folks who've done the work with
respect to NDT will be able to grasp - but I'll discuss it anyway :-]

As I've discussed many times in former posts, to the degree that TD
E/I-minimization is 'blindly'-automated, =everything= that exists
within 'consciousness' is illusory, along a continuum of
'Rationality' that goes from the realm of 'normal' primary sensation
[relatively-concrete] to 'imagination' [completely-illusory]. And,
even at the 'Rational' end of this continuum, depending on prior
experience and 'momentary' sensory activation, even primary-sensory
stuff can be completely illusory - as in 'optical illusions', but,
more-importantly, with respect to stuff that derives in prior
experience, such as the way in which, within the 'gangsta'
aculturation, a bandanna of a certain color is interpreted with
respect to group affiliation - when it might be the case that the
wearer of the bandanna is completely oblivious to the existence of
any such groups.

To the degrees that TD E/I-minimization remains 'blindly'-automated,
such illusions are, nevertheless, consequential. In the U.S.A., for
instance, Parents have to forewarn their Children with respect to the
"wearing of `colors`", lest they get caught-up in 'blindly'-automated
gang violence - lest they be Killed by the 'Illusion'.

One need only get one's self incarcerated to discover, and learn with
respect to the awesomely-robust illusory 'world' in which prisoners
'exist' as a consequence of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
within the inmates' prior experience, and to see, clearly, that,
within the prison environment, those in 'authority' also actively
participate in the same-stuff. The behavioral ramifications of the
correlated 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization extend right into
the Judiciary - which is the stuff that Murdered my Dad about a year
ago. Then, upon my imprisonment, the first thing that happened to me
was that I was Robbed of most of my personal possessions - by the
'guards' who signed me in [they took from my possessions anythig that
was of value to them, instead of storing it with the rest of my
personal possessions as the Law stipulates. In their illusory
'world', the ~$20 worth of stuff they 'took' was 'of greater
significance' than the Law with respect to which they were charged
with exacting retribution. Subsequently, as those involved gradually
learned that I am just one who Honors Truth on behalf of Battered
Children, I watched their transformation with respect to the dawning
of understanding within them. With respect to such, their major
concern was with respect to prospects of their crimes being
discovered - from within their 'blindly' and automatically TD
E/I-minimized illusory 'world', they'd caught a 'glimpse' of the
larger Reality. It was all very interesting - they were induced to
come into my cell block as 'predator' surveying the 'information-set'
pertaining to their theft. It was all very 'interesting', and yet it
was just 'tipe-of-the-iceberg' stuff with respect to the illusory
'worlds' that exist within prisons. Many, many 'stories' left to be
told from within just this one ~month's 'time' - all of exceeding
worth with respect to the stuff of our shared Science.]

So, the 'illusions' that derive in 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization aren't some "never-mind" stuff.

In actuality, =everyone= is analogously Victimized - analogously
relegated to 'existing' within experientially-defined illusory

This ubiquitous Illusion can only be supplanted by Rational Cognition
to the degree that experience-driven microscopic trophic
modifications which encode 'knowledge' with respect to how nervous
systems process information exist within a nervous system. And,
be-cause each individual's TD E/I-minimization exists within a 'sea'
of outher folks' TD E/I-minimization, even a person who does
understand how nervous systems process information is Victimized to
the degree that the TD E/I-minimization that occurs within others'
nervous systems is 'blindly'-automated - it's why I always smile when
I think of that painting entitled, "The Scream" [I think that's its
name - the one with the long, skinny face that's mostly mouth - with
hands pressed up against the 'sides' of its head] - as one who
understands how nervous systems process information, and who must,
nevertheless, go about within the 'sea' of 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization - because the Children =need= me to do so - IKTF, re
the Artist's Imagery :-]

Further comments on what you've posted...

The Monks' proprioception doesn't actually "stop working" - because
the Monks tend to remain motionless, their proprioception just
becomes TD E/I-minimized our of their 'momentary' "supersystem
configurations", which is just more of what nervous systems are
=always= doing [AoK, Ap5, 6, 7, 8 - Any neural activation that can be
eliminated, without resulting in the occurrence of TD E/I(up), is
'blindly' and automatically eliminated. This is the fundamental
essence of "TD E/I-minimization".]

What the Monks do that's relatively 'atypical' is actively 'seek'
opportunity to become maximally-'imobile' - even in their
heart-rates. Doing so, of course, allows maximal TD
E/I-minimization - because 'all' of the neural activation that would,
otherwise, be occurring with respect to motor functionality can just
be "configured"-out of the Monks' 'momentary' "supersystem

"Oneness" inherent in the Universe is not illusory, however. It's a
physically-real property of physical reality that derives in the
all-permeating Nature of the one-way flow of energy from order to
disorder that is what's =described= by 2nd Thermo {WDB2T] - and
=anyone= who only attends to the energy-flow inherent in WDB2T can
experience the all-permeating Onness that's inherent in it - while
the Oneness is Big-Deal stuff, it's 'no big deal' to see such - the
ability to see such is innate within every 'normal' nervous system.
It only 'seems strange' be-cause, 'typically', folks 'exist' within
relatively-clompletel 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
compounded within the 'sea' of others' 'blindly'-automated TD

It's not "the brain" that "deludes us into thinking we are separate".
It's just the lack of understanding with respect to how our nervous
systems work that allows the illusion of 'separateness' to befall
folks - which, if anyone's actually followed the discussion in this
msg, is =WHY= I work relentlessly to displace 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization with TD E/I-minimization in which understanding with
respect to how nervous systems is included.

I've gone into the "prison-`houses`" into which 'the beast', Abstract
Ignorance, has relegated folks' 'exisencest', teaching folks how to
'disappear' the 'prison-wall' stuff that is 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization - the stuff that, =only= because it's been left
uncomprehended, induces the "man's-inhumanity-to-man" stuff that has
Ravaged Humanity since the Beginning.

It's also why, although I do experience such, magnified through the
'lens' of understanding, I still 'press-on-regardless', even though
this or that 'blindly'-automated 'attack' 'Hurts' a lot.

Thanks for presenting the opportunity to discuss this stuff, John.
[I've only just 'scratched its surface', but the 'path' to
understanding is 'curved' [be-cause TD E/I-minimization with respect
to that which is unfamiliar must 'travel' through TD E/I(up) with
respect to that which, through prior experience, has been 'blindly'
and automatically TD E/I-minimized [see the discussions of "rendering
useless" in AoK, Ap4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 10] - so what's here is a
'sufficient' first-'step', and I hope folks'll pursue its stuff.
[Although I did detect the 'off-switch' being thrown while I was
writing the stuff of this msg, so I've no way of knowing if folks'll
actually be able to read this msg.]

Cheers, John, ken

"John H." <johnh at faraway.xxx> wrote in message
news:Xfgea.246$aG3.7774 at nnrp1.ozemail.com.au...
| Don't know of any research except one last year on meditating
monks. It was
| found that the part of their brain that maintains a map of the
| stops working in these monks, thereby allowing the sense of
'oneness with
| the universe'. Hence a portion of our brain indicates our position
in space.
| In that research it was suggested that this oneness feeling is an
| created by altered brain states, but since when is the normal brain
| free of illusion? Could it be that the brain deludes us into
thinking we are
| separate? Oh that will get the rabid reductionists going ...
| John H.
| "Væ§ølis" <VaeSolis at hotmail.com> wrote in message
| news:A46ea.45120$_F2.3839525 at news1.east.cox.net...
| > i was wondering if anyone could explain to me what may cause the
| > psychological feeling of being enormous and miniscule
simultaneously. i
| have
| > experienced this feeling and have come across it described in
| so
| > i am curious as to any possible causes of this phenomenon. any
insight is
| > appreciated.
| >
| > thanks!
| > ~Væ§ølis~

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