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Illusiory 'Worlds'

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Thu Mar 20 16:24:02 EST 2003

Truth that I Stand-With:

"Ready for the Peace?", By BOB HERBERT


Truth that I Stand-With:

"Heads in the Sand"


Absence of Truth that I Stand-Against [at great personal cost, BTW]:

"French Connection II", By WILLIAM SAFIRE


In any instance of Absence-of-Truth, such as Mr. Safire's Column
constitutes, one is able to look right into the functioning of the
nervous system, inherent [while, simultaneously, allowing others to
look right into one's own nervous system - Truth's always-present
"double-edged-sword" quality], to see what's in-there.

In this instance, Mr. Safire's singling-out the French, while not
including the rest of the rampant trade-in-arms that's gone on -
including the U.S.'s virtually Allying itself with Mr. Hussein during
the Iran-Iraq War - discloses the fact that Mr. Safire's comments are
not with respect to Truth, but with respect to 'truth' as such is
defined within Mr. Safire's own experience.

I sent Mr. Safire an email after I read his previous week's Column,
deploring his "spewing of hatred".

My email was an Experiment, Mr. Safire. The results, written in
black-and white the following day, were positive.

It's Truth that is Humanity's goal, not personally-'convenient'
'truth'. 'Moving toward' 'convenience' with respect to 'self' is the
Coward's 'way'.

The dynamics of population-wide "volitional diminishing-returns
decisions" [AoK, Ap7 - any instance of such must be considered
through the 'lens' of knowledge with respect to its source, whatever
its source is, including me [because, as Mr. Safire demonstrates,
it's easy to 'manufacture truth' with respect to such matters]]:

"European Leaders Struggle to Mend Rift With U.S.", By ELAINE


Ramifications of internationally-augmenting TD E/I:

"Iraqi War Worries Seoul That North Korea Might Be Next", By DON KIRK


There's =real= Danger, here, that's augmenting with populations-wide
TD E/I =solely= be-cause NDT's understanding has not been

In the resulting Absence-of-understanding, 'illusiory' stuff gains
ascendency, displacing Rationality [see the discussion of "amygdalar
priming" in AoK, Ap5.]

How much longer will Neuroscience allow Humanity to be Ravaged by its
acquiesence to Humanity's Victimization within it's Illusory
'prison-wall' stuff?

K. P. Collins

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
news:Zfoea.15791$ja4.1071313 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| Hi John,
| Your reply to VaeSolis offers opportunity for discussion of yet
| stuff that few, if anyone other than folks who've done the work
| respect to NDT will be able to grasp - but I'll discuss it anyway
| As I've discussed many times in former posts, to the degree that TD
| E/I-minimization is 'blindly'-automated, =everything= that exists
| within 'consciousness' is illusory, along a continuum of
| 'Rationality' that goes from the realm of 'normal' primary
| [relatively-concrete] to 'imagination' [completely-illusory]. And,
| even at the 'Rational' end of this continuum, depending on prior
| experience and 'momentary' sensory activation, even primary-sensory
| stuff can be completely illusory - as in 'optical illusions', but,
| more-importantly, with respect to stuff that derives in prior
| experience, such as the way in which, within the 'gangsta'
| aculturation, a bandanna of a certain color is interpreted with
| respect to group affiliation - when it might be the case that the
| wearer of the bandanna is completely oblivious to the existence of
| any such groups.
| To the degrees that TD E/I-minimization remains
| such illusions are, nevertheless, consequential. In the U.S.A., for
| instance, Parents have to forewarn their Children with respect to
| "wearing of `colors`", lest they get caught-up in
| gang violence - lest they be Killed by the 'Illusion'.
| One need only get one's self incarcerated to discover, and learn
| respect to the awesomely-robust illusory 'world' in which prisoners
| 'exist' as a consequence of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
| within the inmates' prior experience, and to see, clearly, that,
| within the prison environment, those in 'authority' also actively
| participate in the same-stuff. The behavioral ramifications of the
| correlated 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization extend right
| the Judiciary - which is the stuff that Murdered my Dad about a
| ago. Then, upon my imprisonment, the first thing that happened to
| was that I was Robbed of most of my personal possessions - by the
| 'guards' who signed me in [they took from my possessions anythig
| was of value to them, instead of storing it with the rest of my
| personal possessions as the Law stipulates. In their illusory
| 'world', the ~$20 worth of stuff they 'took' was 'of greater
| significance' than the Law with respect to which they were charged
| with exacting retribution. Subsequently, as those involved
| learned that I am just one who Honors Truth on behalf of Battered
| Children, I watched their transformation with respect to the
| of understanding within them. With respect to such, their major
| concern was with respect to prospects of their crimes being
| discovered - from within their 'blindly' and automatically TD
| E/I-minimized illusory 'world', they'd caught a 'glimpse' of the
| larger Reality. It was all very interesting - they were induced to
| come into my cell block as 'predator' surveying the
| pertaining to their theft. It was all very 'interesting', and yet
| was just 'tipe-of-the-iceberg' stuff with respect to the illusory
| 'worlds' that exist within prisons. Many, many 'stories' left to be
| told from within just this one ~month's 'time' - all of exceeding
| worth with respect to the stuff of our shared Science.]
| So, the 'illusions' that derive in 'blindly'-automated TD
| E/I-minimization aren't some "never-mind" stuff.
| In actuality, =everyone= is analogously Victimized - analogously
| relegated to 'existing' within experientially-defined illusory
| 'worlds'.
| This ubiquitous Illusion can only be supplanted by Rational
| to the degree that experience-driven microscopic trophic
| modifications which encode 'knowledge' with respect to how nervous
| systems process information exist within a nervous system. And,
| be-cause each individual's TD E/I-minimization exists within a
| of outher folks' TD E/I-minimization, even a person who does
| understand how nervous systems process information is Victimized to
| the degree that the TD E/I-minimization that occurs within others'
| nervous systems is 'blindly'-automated - it's why I always smile
| I think of that painting entitled, "The Scream" [I think that's its
| name - the one with the long, skinny face that's mostly mouth -
| hands pressed up against the 'sides' of its head] - as one who
| understands how nervous systems process information, and who must,
| nevertheless, go about within the 'sea' of 'blindly'-automated TD
| E/I-minimization - because the Children =need= me to do so - IKTF,
| the Artist's Imagery :-]
| Further comments on what you've posted...
| The Monks' proprioception doesn't actually "stop working" - because
| the Monks tend to remain motionless, their proprioception just
| becomes TD E/I-minimized our of their 'momentary' "supersystem
| configurations", which is just more of what nervous systems are
| =always= doing [AoK, Ap5, 6, 7, 8 - Any neural activation that can
| eliminated, without resulting in the occurrence of TD E/I(up), is
| 'blindly' and automatically eliminated. This is the fundamental
| essence of "TD E/I-minimization".]
| What the Monks do that's relatively 'atypical' is actively 'seek'
| opportunity to become maximally-'imobile' - even in their
| heart-rates. Doing so, of course, allows maximal TD
| E/I-minimization - because 'all' of the neural activation that
| otherwise, be occurring with respect to motor functionality can
| be "configured"-out of the Monks' 'momentary' "supersystem
| configurations".
| "Oneness" inherent in the Universe is not illusory, however. It's a
| physically-real property of physical reality that derives in the
| all-permeating Nature of the one-way flow of energy from order to
| disorder that is what's =described= by 2nd Thermo {WDB2T] - and
| =anyone= who only attends to the energy-flow inherent in WDB2T can
| experience the all-permeating Onness that's inherent in it - while
| the Oneness is Big-Deal stuff, it's 'no big deal' to see such - the
| ability to see such is innate within every 'normal' nervous system.
| It only 'seems strange' be-cause, 'typically', folks 'exist' within
| relatively-clompletel 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization,
| compounded within the 'sea' of others' 'blindly'-automated TD
| E/I-minimization.
| It's not "the brain" that "deludes us into thinking we are
| It's just the lack of understanding with respect to how our nervous
| systems work that allows the illusion of 'separateness' to befall
| folks - which, if anyone's actually followed the discussion in this
| msg, is =WHY= I work relentlessly to displace 'blindly'-automated
| E/I-minimization with TD E/I-minimization in which understanding
| respect to how nervous systems is included.
| I've gone into the "prison-`houses`" into which 'the beast',
| Ignorance, has relegated folks' 'exisencest', teaching folks how to
| 'disappear' the 'prison-wall' stuff that is 'blindly'-automated TD
| E/I-minimization - the stuff that, =only= because it's been left
| uncomprehended, induces the "man's-inhumanity-to-man" stuff that
| Ravaged Humanity since the Beginning.
| It's also why, although I do experience such, magnified through the
| 'lens' of understanding, I still 'press-on-regardless', even though
| this or that 'blindly'-automated 'attack' 'Hurts' a lot.
| Thanks for presenting the opportunity to discuss this stuff, John.
| [I've only just 'scratched its surface', but the 'path' to
| understanding is 'curved' [be-cause TD E/I-minimization with
| to that which is unfamiliar must 'travel' through TD E/I(up) with
| respect to that which, through prior experience, has been 'blindly'
| and automatically TD E/I-minimized [see the discussions of
| useless" in AoK, Ap4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 10] - so what's here is a
| 'sufficient' first-'step', and I hope folks'll pursue its stuff.
| [Although I did detect the 'off-switch' being thrown while I was
| writing the stuff of this msg, so I've no way of knowing if
| actually be able to read this msg.]
| Cheers, John, ken
| "John H." <johnh at faraway.xxx> wrote in message
| news:Xfgea.246$aG3.7774 at nnrp1.ozemail.com.au...
| | Don't know of any research except one last year on meditating
| monks. It was
| | found that the part of their brain that maintains a map of the
| body-self
| | stops working in these monks, thereby allowing the sense of
| 'oneness with
| | the universe'. Hence a portion of our brain indicates our
| in space.
| | In that research it was suggested that this oneness feeling is an
| illusion
| | created by altered brain states, but since when is the normal
| state
| | free of illusion? Could it be that the brain deludes us into
| thinking we are
| | separate? Oh that will get the rabid reductionists going ...
| |
| | John H.
| |
| |
| | "Væ§ølis" <VaeSolis at hotmail.com> wrote in message
| | news:A46ea.45120$_F2.3839525 at news1.east.cox.net...
| | > i was wondering if anyone could explain to me what may cause
| | > psychological feeling of being enormous and miniscule
| simultaneously. i
| | have
| | > experienced this feeling and have come across it described in
| literature,
| | so
| | > i am curious as to any possible causes of this phenomenon. any
| insight is
| | > appreciated.
| | >
| | > thanks!
| | > ~Væ§ølis~

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