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Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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Fri Mar 21 00:55:20 EST 2003

"Pentagon Adviser Is Also Advising Global Crossing", By STEPHEN LABATON


Quoting from the article:

"Mr. Perle, who as chairman of the Defense Policy Board has been a leading advocate of the United States' invasion of Iraq, spoke on Wednesday in a conference call sponsored by Goldman Sachs, in which he advised participants on possible investment opportunities arising from the war. The conference's title was `Implications of an Imminent War: Iraq Now. North Korea Next?`"

[Quote, above, © 2003, by The New York Times.]

It's really unbelievable that this is happening, even as the U. S. is endeavoring to undo the consequences of its having been short-sighted with respect to National Security interests a couple of decades ago - when it allied itself with the Iraqi dictator during the Iran-Iraq War. [Same-old, same-old in the case of Russia-Afghanistan.]

The sort of stuff discussed in the article derives in TD E/I-minimization that's been accumulated with respect to Business experience being 'blindly' and automatically exercised within Government, thereby transforming Government into 'business'.

Of course Government establishes the foundation for Business, but Government exists to serve the Citizenry. It does not exist to serve those who are included in Government, nor those who Choose to include themselves in Government.

And Government does not 'cover its eyes' with $-signs with respect to National Security concerns.

It all comes down to TD E/I-minimization - Neuroscience left uncomprehended.

I Apologize for posting more seemingly-'untoward' stuff. It's all plain-as-day-clear when the way nervous systems work is understood. I understand, so it falls to me to do this 'difficult' stuff.

I Apologize - I want not to 'offend' - but how else can the difference that the understanding makes possible be communicated, other than discussing the difference that the understanding makes possible?

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