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Fri Mar 21 03:35:35 EST 2003

Why do I do stuff as I did in what's quoted below?

Because there's stuff that's 'broken' in-there, and I see that, if I
don't adress it, in a 'crying-out'-to'folks'-Humanity way, it'll
'just' keep happening - everything that ravages Humanity happens
be-cause folks 'just' follow the 'convenient path' to TD
E/I-minimization that derives within the coersed-consensus stuff
that's become merely-familiar to them during the courses of their
prior experience. [AoK, Ap7.]

When I do something like this, I =do not= 'seek-retribution'. I'm
aware that, through the 'back-door' channels to which I've 'access',
via these msgs I post, the stuff I discuss "trickles down",
ultimately, having effect which lifts folks up out of their
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

That's all I'm working to achieve - when such happens, the problems
become 'Fixed', and other folks will not have to endure their stuff.

If anyone 'wonders', though, I do understand, very well, that, with
each thing like this that I do, 'I' become, increasingly, a source of
TD E/I(up) within at least some folks' nervous systems, and that
that'll induce folks to 'move away from' what they perceive me to

Don't 'worry' about it - of course I don't 'enjoy' it, but it comes
with what's fallen to me to do - I understand all of that.

I'm just trying not to Fail in doing what needs to be done, despite
all of such.

It's 'hilarious'. Folks experience me as this or that, but all I am
is a fairly-decent guy who inately 'bristles' when he experiences
'powerful' folks being cruel to 'powerless' folks. I studied all
that's entailed, saw that something can be done about it, and, so
seeing, became 'bound' to do what needs to be done.

What's 'hilarious' is why I've had to do it the way I've had to do

I'm sure folks think it 'absurd' that I spend all this 'time' online,
but didn't "just sit down and rewrite" AoK long ago.

Truth is, to do exactly that is all I've longed for for decades -
but, to do such, one must be able to get organized with respect to
doing what's entailed with the necessary rigor. I'd have to return to
the stacks and survey the literature once again, etc., building new
'mountains' of paper.

One cannot begin to do such without having a secure roof and adequate
food for the duration, and, literally, since 1979, I've not know from
one week to the next, whether my financial situation extended beyond
that week. [When I worked as a programmer, between that work and my
esearch, I'd nothing left for 'office politics', so my employment was
never 'secure' - had no 'time' to 'grease those wheels', and probably
woudn't've if I did, anyway.]

So, how can I "just sit down and rewrite" the "Automation of
Knowing..." ms?

So I've done what I can, on the fly, tel calls, letters, visits, and
in various online 'places', all the while 'dying' because I've got to
do all this hard-to-do stuff that, if anyone got to know me, they'd
easily see is pretty much just the opposite of the way I am,
naturally - which is to just be a 'clown' for folks when I 'sense'
that they're 'hurting' - to take their minds off of whatever it is
that 'hurts', and stand-with-them until they discover within
themselves that they're really better than whatever it is that's
'hurting' them.

But, "Oh well."

That was then. This is now, and I understand what's in what's fallen
to me to do.

The way I have to do it, though, is just Sorrowfully-'hilarious'.

Anyway, I've realized that I've been 'pressing' too hard, because I'd
Hope that I'd finally be able to just "sit down and rewrite AoK, but
that hope has fallen-through - and hope is 'dying', and I've been
diverting the TD E/I(up) inherent into the stuff I've been doing.

I =Apologize=.

I'll let the world take a couple of spins on its own. I'm wanting to
accelerate the pace of my work in fidonet.r_catholic, anyway. [But
because I have 'pressed too hard', I'll drop in here, periodically,
just in case folks want to reply to anything I've posted - set the
record straight, etc.]

To the folks who are 'demonstrating' against the war: It's too late
to stop it, so please take what's in your 'hearts' and use it to get
involved in the stuff of Citizenship. Go to your local town meetings,
etc., to lift folks in your local Governments up in understanding,
and, during the next election, organize to elect folks who will Serve
America, instead of Dictate to Her. Folks in other Nations, do the

If we all do this, then we'll all get Governments that Citizens of
Democracy deserve - because, after all, it's "government of the
people, by the people, for the people".

And you're the people.

Government without you is 'just 'politics', and then it's 'too-late'
to protest.

The 'time' for action is =before= the weapons are in the air.

And, even better, before elections.

The other thing is, these days the Police need our support, and all
they can do is arrest you, anyway, because the 'security color' is
'orange', and they're all enduring elevated TD E/I with respect to
that - I mean, getting arrested these days will do no good, because
when folks' TD E/I becomes elevated, their 'choices' become
'blindly'-automated with respect to what's in the 'rules' - so they
just 'go through the motions' with respect to what's in the 'rules',
without any feeling toward what you're doing, or why you're doing it.

And, besides, your local Authorities are just following the 'lead' of
National Authorities, so take what's in your 'hearts' and let it lift
you up in your Citizenship with respect to the next general
election - go ahead - get involved - wave a sign for a Candidate
that'll =Serve= us all well - in America, =you are= the Government,
after all.

Lift yourselves up in-such.


"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
news:Zfoea.15791$ja4.1071313 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]
| One need only get one's self incarcerated to discover, and learn
| respect to the awesomely-robust illusory 'world' in which prisoners
| 'exist' as a consequence of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
| within the inmates' prior experience, and to see, clearly, that,
| within the prison environment, those in 'authority' also actively
| participate in the same-stuff. The behavioral ramifications of the
| correlated 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization extend right
| the Judiciary - which is the stuff that Murdered my Dad about a
| ago. Then, upon my imprisonment, the first thing that happened to
| was that I was Robbed of most of my personal possessions - by the
| 'guards' who signed me in [they took from my possessions anythig
| was of value to them, instead of storing it with the rest of my
| personal possessions as the Law stipulates. In their illusory
| 'world', the ~$20 worth of stuff they 'took' was 'of greater
| significance' than the Law with respect to which they were charged
| with exacting retribution. Subsequently, as those involved
| learned that I am just one who Honors Truth on behalf of Battered
| Children, I watched their transformation with respect to the
| of understanding within them. With respect to such, their major
| concern was with respect to prospects of their crimes being
| discovered - from within their 'blindly' and automatically TD
| E/I-minimized illusory 'world', they'd caught a 'glimpse' of the
| larger Reality. It was all very interesting - they were induced to
| come into my cell block as 'predator' surveying the
| pertaining to their theft. It was all very 'interesting', and yet
| was just 'tipe-of-the-iceberg' stuff with respect to the illusory
| 'worlds' that exist within prisons. Many, many 'stories' left to be
| told from within just this one ~month's 'time' - all of exceeding
| worth with respect to the stuff of our shared Science.]
| So, the 'illusions' that derive in 'blindly'-automated TD
| E/I-minimization aren't some "never-mind" stuff.

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