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Lawyers may seek judicial review of panel reviewing paroxetine

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Sun Mar 23 07:13:22 EST 2003

"Larry Brash" <lbrash at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
news:3E7D85DC.F36C5329 at ozemail.com.au...
| KP-PC wrote:
| > It's obvious that such constitutes 'moving toward' 'self' and
| > away from' doing the work in acertaining Truth -
| > "volitional diminishing-returns decision" via 'blindly'-automated
| > E/I-minimization [AoK, Ap7].
| Could you translate this into English for us morons in
| I think I heard something pass well over my head, but I might have
| been a lump of bullshit.

I Apologize, I didn't realize that I was cross-posting.

In the work I've done, I've verified that nervous systems are
structured throughout their entire extents to achieve only one thing:
minimize the topologically-distributed ratios of excitation to
inhibition that occur within them. ["TD E/I-minimization"]

"AoK" refers to a document entitled "On the Automation of Knowing
within Central Nervous Systems: A Brief Introduction to
Neuroscientific Duality Theory" [NDT].

The "duality", inherent, is not the one with respect to which folks
have so much argument. In NDT, the "duality" is that volition,
cognition, affect and behavior are produced as =by-products= of TD
E/I-minimization. NDT also explains how, and why, prejudice
['territoriality', and it's cognitive correlates] arises within
nervous systems. I'm 'pushing' hard these days because NDT's stuff
applies directly to 'current' world events.

I've been discussing NDT's stuff in bionet.neuroscience for years,
and try to keep my discussion of NDT restricted to that NG. These
days, I'm discussing some higher-'level' considerations with respect
to NDT's position.

AoK remains unpublished. If you, or anyone else, wants a copy of it,
I have an old hypertext version of the doc that runs under MSDOS[tm]
and.ir Windows[tm] that I send out, gratis, to anyone who wants it.
It's about 100 single-spaced pages of reading. If anyone wants it,
send me a private email.

After this post, I'll try to remember not to cross-post.


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