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Efferents for raphe nuclei

John H. johnh at faraway.xxx
Sun Mar 23 10:23:13 EST 2003

Excellent. Thanks Peter. What I am hoping to do, perhaps vainly trying to
do, is find out what really causes depression. This serotonin emphasis
ignores the multiple means by which depression can arise, we are attacking
the problem from the wrong angle. There has to be a better way. Many months
to go yet. ...

I want to know which efferents drive serotonin prodn in the raphe nuclei. I
suspect serotonin depletion is an end consequence of a long chain. The final
common pathway of a number of potential processes.

John H.

"Peter F" <fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
news:5Ejfa.276$OZ6.15245 at nnrp1.ozemail.com.au...
> "John H." <johnh at faraway.xxx> wrote in message
> news:oEefa.149$OZ6.11085 at nnrp1.ozemail.com.au...
> > I'm trying to establish projections to the raphe nuclei, both inhibitory
> and
> > excitatory, and not having much luck. I suspect the pvn, hippocampus,
> > anterior cingulate and orbitofrontals.
> >
> > Can anyone help?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> >
> > John.
> >
> Hi John,
> Here is a summarizing quote from Gray's Anatomy 1980 edition:
> "The reticular core of the brainstem, and its attendant cell aggregations,
> have reciprocal connexions with all major parts of the CNS, and in
> accordance with this , influences behavioural activities ranging from the
> most elementary to the most complex."
> ---
> According to The Human Brain Coloring Book(1989 edition): these nuclei
> dendrites in close proximity to small blood vessels, and so, serotonin
> synthesis may be controlled or triggered (or both) by neurohormones
> in these vessels.
> (Apropos which, you might have read the book by Richard Bergland "The
> Of Mind", written in Melbourne, that puts the case for seeing the brain as
> somewhat of a gland).
> Sorry not to have any more specific info to contribute.
> Am a bit curious about what it is that you want to understand (or have
> confirmed).
> Personally I am finished (these days) with combing/ploughing through
> research reports and the like, because I did find there were sufficient
> evidence, and sufficiently strong trends of academic interpretation, for
> to with confidence conclude and *try* to contrive what I wanted to
> and vaguely aimed and hoped to be able to contrive (or somehow
> grasp;).
> P

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