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Efferents for raphe nuclei

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Sun Mar 23 11:56:05 EST 2003

Hi, John,  another 'test', eh?

A brief survey of "Chemoarchitecture of the Brain", R. Nieuwenhuys,
1985, ISBN: 3-540-15349-7 gives:

nuc solitarius to dorsal raphe nuc [I don't know the
neurotransmitter - guess this is from my Catpenter & Sutin]

infundibular hypothalamus to dorsal raphe nuc  [B-Endorphin]

from nuc raphe magnus to dorsal raphe nuc [enkephalin]

grieseum centralis to nuc raphe magnus [somatostatin]

lateral habenular nuc to dorsal raphe nuc [substance-P]

PFCX to dorsal raphe nuc [don't know neurotransmitter]

didn't find the stuff you cited.

But, if it is another 'test', [all] please stop with 'tests'.

When I surveyed the brain, not having the benefit of being
foramlly-'educated' in Neuroscience, and not being particularly fond
of "chemical-soup", I did it in the hard way that naivete always
requires of one.

It's like I said, I just ransaked the Neuroscience stacks, focusing
upon fiber origins, courses, and terminations, always analyzing
fiber-termination patterns, across the whole brain.

I worked the problem over and over again, reading, rereading,
surveying, resurveying, studying every 'area' of the neural
architecture - going into every nucleus, and into every subdivision
within every nucleus.

Studying dendrite patterns, axonal-ramification patterns,
cell-distribution patterns.

I really worked pretty hard, and was rather merciless in the demands
I placed upon myself.

But I worked in this highly-'visual' fashion, analyzing [literally]
the neural Topology. I did not pay a heck of a lot of attention to
the neurochemistry because, in my naivete, I saw right from the start
that such is 'superfluous because everything is rigorously-mapped
with respect to the input and output interfaces - these establish
Topological rigor that can, literally, be traced between the two, and
that's exactly what I did, working the problem in ever more detail
until I was satisfied that I'd 'gotten-it' - basically, everything
just imploded to unity, and each thing just 'teaches' me with respect
to every other thing that's in-there.

Remember, I worked at it so long, and in such depth, that I could
'make myself small' [of course, only in an imaginary way] and 'go for
walks in the interstitial space [I 'conveniently 'drained' it -
didn't 'engineer' a way to maintain it - throw an air compressor
in-there if such matters].

I experience the neural architecture something like folks experience
a radio program - no, I don't 'hear voices', but there's a
'flow-of-meaning' that happens within me as I scan the neural
Topology - as I consider this or that detail, the information
correlated to it just 'flows' within me - stuff like 'crumpled-bag
distributions, 'compact' and 'diffuse' distributions, 'twists &
turns', decussations, fiber-termination density-gradients, 'loop
circuits', gross-pathway coordination, etc., etc., etc. - g'zillions
of qualities - everything just fits together, and I experience it's
information flowing through my mind - this 'area' 'tells' me
[=non-verbally=] what this, that, or the other 'area' is 'doing' -
how they fit together - how it's functioning is dependent on the
functioning of other 'areas'.

Why I've been so 'pissed-off' is that doing this work almost
literally killed me, and Pros are "ho-humming" it, while I remain
'unable' to recover, but am 'sinking' under the 'weight' I carry
while 'waiting' for 'permission' for the work to be generally

I think treating one who Loves the Science, and who has worked so
devotedly in-it that he almost perished in the 'fight' [basically,
because there were times when I had a choice, eat and pay the rent,
or use what would purchase the food or pay the rent do this or that
in the Science. I'd work this way until the very last 'minute' -
throw my research materials into boxes, stuff them in a friend's
cellar, or storage bin, and then, and only then, take steps to regain
positive survival.

What's really funny is that, before I finished, now more than 15
years ago, I saw that I could do Chemistry - extend the Topology
right into the Chemistry - which is why I've been discussing the
molecular-'level' 3-D energy dynamics [with respect to transcription
and protein-folding problems, etc.] - which is why I still don't
'bother' much with neuropharmacology' as other folks do it - I do the
same stuff in a way that's much-more-functional with respect to the
central problem of Neuroscience - understanding human behavior.

Anyway, I'm just about ready to 'flip-off' anymore 'tests' - unless
someone wants to do such in-person, nearby a good Neuroscience

Then, give me your 'test', food, and a place to sleep, and lock the
doors, for all I care. I Live to do this Science, anyway.

The 'sad' thing is - I've been 'going slow' -because I want to leave
no one behind [for whatever reason].

I mean no offense, but "good grief", how much longer with this sort
of stuff continue?

How many more Wars that could've been prevented will happen before
folks in Neuroscience draw themselves up to their full heights, and
Honor their responsibilities to the folks who actually fund their

You know?


"John H." <johnh at faraway.xxx> wrote in message
news:oEefa.149$OZ6.11085 at nnrp1.ozemail.com.au...
| I'm trying to establish projections to the raphe nuclei, both
inhibitory and
| excitatory, and not having much luck. I suspect the pvn,
| anterior cingulate and orbitofrontals.
| Can anyone help?
| Thanks,
| John.

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