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K.P. Collins

DAN umogbor1 at cc.umanitoba.ca
Sun Mar 23 21:21:31 EST 2003

    You seem to harbour resentment towards those who have received formal
education and are perhaps successfully working in the field. I refer you to
your comments in a reply about efferent neruons and the raphe nuclei:
"Why I've been so 'pissed-off' is that doing this work almost literally
killed me, and Pros are "ho-humming" it, while I remain 'unable' to recover,
but am 'sinking' under the 'weight' I carry while 'waiting' for 'permission'
for the work to be generally communicated."
    I find it unfortunate that you are generalizing the efforts of academics
eveywhere. This is an unfair and unjustified claim. Even if you have had
some experience with either students or professionals who aren't serious
about their studies, your sample cannot accurately respresent the
population. Perhaps you could apply the Law of Large Numbers here and
clearly see the error of your ways, (as the sample size increase the mean of
the sample is closer to the mean of the population).
    You also imply that the struggles you have experienced are not typical
to those of others in the pursuit of knowledge. You cannot be farther from
the truth. Many post secondary and graduate students are all to familiar
with personal and financial struggles that can result from their academic
and life pursuits. A prime example is the debt many sutdents leave their
studies with thanks to student loans.
    You are "pissed off" (for once you've abandoned your pedantic style)
that you are "waiting for permission". You seem to forget or overlook that
professionals do not simply think of an idea, do their research and then get
published. This process is or can be painstakingly long, and is ONLY
possible if the IRB (institutional review board) approves their research to
proceed at their particular organization. Publishing will only occur if the
publisher of that particular journal feels that the article is suitable and
is conducted in a valid manner. Many educational institutions have "publish
or perish" policies placed upon their professors to help increase
productivity but also can have adverse effects to the quality of work. So
the next time you decide to make unjustified claims about a subject or group
of people, please familiarize yourself with the subject and try to maintain
some form of an objective basis.
    The initial comment of this subject, "Please stop dumping on this forum"
is most likely in reference to your hard done by stories that often
accompany your replies. John H. simply asked for information on effernet
neurons and the raphe nuclei, not your life story and your naive opinion on
formally trained academics. You don't realize that we are all trying to
reach a common goal, a higher understanding of the human form to improve
quality of life, and the primary method to do this is through education and
    In your closing statement on "the folks in neuroscience" who have to
"honor their responsibilities to the folks who actually fund their
research", you overlook the common goal of research. It's a well known fact
that the tax dollars paid by individuals to the government, yes that's right
Ken, even the formally trained researchers you despise so much pay their
taxes as well, fund research.  I'm assuming that you mean these tax payers
are the "folks" who the researchers are not upholding their responsibilities
to. The researcher striving to gain a better understanding of the body
throught their experiments would ideally get published. The understanding of
the body  that results from the research is ultimately a contribution that
validates the cost to the government and indirectly to the tax payer through
taxation. Well worth the cost.
    In closing, I recommend that you:
1) Find an appropriate newsgroup more appropriate for some of your opinions.
I would find it hard to believe that there isn't a newsgroup about the war
where perhaps your "To the citizenry of..." comments would be better suited.
2) Please limit you response to the topic at hand. We do not need to know
about the termoil of your life or your past struggles, or how "Traditional"
methods are being withheld from you. We have all encountered hardships in
our academic pursuits, and consequently we can all sympathisize to a certain
degree, it is not necessary to tell an individual inquiring about the raphe
nuclei your life story.
3) Try to maintain a style of writing with some kind of grammatical form.
While you might interpret this comment as me simply not understanding
technical terms, I assure you it is not. Pedantic style is not the sign of
an educated person. An educated person is an individual who can explain the
most complex ideas in form that all can understand. While many individuals
feel it is an ego boost to "sound" smart, these people soon fall through the
cracks and are easily forgotten. The goal should be understanding, not
convincing people you are smart.
4) Maintain a consistent train of thought through out your multiple posts.
You often use the defence that you do not respond to personal attacks, I
assume you feel you are above this. However, your comments on the ho-humming
professionals clearly show that you are not above personal attacks and that
this is a double standard.
I hope you have taken the time to read this Ken, as none of it is
"Verifiably false" and find a way to implement this into your posts so that
all of us can focus on the primary reasons we discuss on this and other

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