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Sun Mar 23 22:05:30 EST 2003

All my efforts were not on behalf of Science, although such was one
main focus.

I worked in that way, while working to 'hold-open-the-door' to
everyone, including all the folks in 'government' and 'business' and
'religion' and 'journalism' who's 'knees were jerking' because their
experience was anti-correlated with NDT's 'deep' stuff - while
endeavoring to 'hold-open-this-door', I worked, primarily, with the
Children in my 'heart' - to =open the door= to them out of the way in
which merely-haphazardly-accumulated stuff is 'coersed' upon them,
because doing so is 'positively'-correlated to TD E/I-minimization
within Adult nervous systems - all 'blindly' and automatically.

The other thing that was in my 'heart' was that I wanted to survive
while doing the work, I Failed by 'whining' 'two' much with respect
to this last stuff, but I wanted to survive so that I could do the
work - I pretty-much 'died', decades ago, to the regular stuff that
folks 'tpically' pursue.

The other way in which I've Failed is that I've routinely 'bristled'
in the presence of folks' 'bullying' - something I pretty-much always
do in the presence of such deliberate-Cruelty.

Basically, it's been about the survival of Humanity because - well
I've explained, repeatedly - Humanity is 'between a rock and a hard
place' - between 'modern' weaponry and 'modern'
means-of-communication - this results in net-monotonically-augmenting
global TD E/I.

The other thing is that, all along, I've been doing the necessary
parallel thing with respect to stuff that's 'too hot' for public
communication - all that's happened with respect to such 'private'
communications is that folks've taken their stuff and 'moved toward'

You know?

I've 'Failed' in-'public', but I've never Failed in-'Private' - and
haven't Failed overall.

I just did what needed to be done - while Honoring Free Will.

>From the beginning, I was 'damned if I did, and damned if I didn't' -
if I didn't do what needed to be done, Humanity wouldn't've, at
least, had a Chance of Surviving - if I did do what needed to be
done, I'd be 'pulverized' by all the 'knees' 'blindly' and
automatically 'jerking' [the prediction is in AoK, Ap10].

I Chose to take the latter 'damnation' even on the parts of those on
whose behalves I was working, because the former 'damnation' is

Even my 'whining' - which is more detestable to me than it is to
anyone else [my way is to just flip-such-off, and 'look-elsewhere for
Life] - was done in an effort to 'goose' folks into becoming
Conscious with respect to what folks can do with respect to what
needs to be done.

You know?

"Still it moves", and move it must.

K. P. Collins

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| "John H." <johnh at faraway.xxx> wrote in message
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| | Larry,
| |
| | Welcome to the world of KP-PC. Akin to "Origins of the Bicameral
| Mind"
| | Julian Jaynes!
| |
| | Bust your brain if you wish. I wouldn't.
| |
| |
| | John H.
| |[...]
| John, I recall buying the "Bicameral" book, but never got around to
| reading it - so I can't comment, one way or the other, with respect
| to your statement.
| In developing NDT, as I always eventually do, after surveying what
| was out-there, I started all over again, from scratch, working
| with the Neuroanatomical facts as they were presented in Truex and
| Carpenter, and Carpenter and Sutin. I figured that if I could
| integrate that much, it would constitute an adequate contribution
| that'd win me the opportunity to do more.
| The result is the first-ever reification of why decussation must
| occur within nervous systems [including explaining how the
| non-structural version of of the same-stuff as decussation occurs
| the way down to bacteria, and beyond to molecular dynamics,
| a complete solution to the protein-folding problem], concrete
| biological mechanisms for creativity, curiosity, and volition,
| general attraction\avoidance ['Love', 'Hate', 'Jealousy', etc. -
| name-it, in affect, and it's reified in NDT [want to pose a 'test'?
| there's a fun, and informative, one], prejudice
| the Maths of Information Calculus [vision, and cortical function in
| general], [memory storage, retreival, and association],
| configuration", which enables automatic error detection and
| correction, and the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms through which it
| is achieved, resolution of the hierarchical-prioritization problem
| across everything that's integrated within NDT [how 'drives',
| including experientially-defined cognitive 'drives'], which problem
| is of infinite-large scope, all 'language'-interfaces, from
| body-'language' and facial expressions through verbal-symbolic and
| Mathematical 'language', 'mourning' behavior, 'depression', and
| myriad other things, many of which were recognized, for the first
| time, as having existence - like "dynamic subordinate coupling" and
| "ratchet-pawling".
| After discovering "decussation's "Rosetta-Stone" quality, I,
| basically, set the 'rule' that, if I could encounter it through
| observation, I had to discover its substrate within the functional
| Neuroanatomy, and integrate its biological mechanism while
| the overall integration [which became easier the more I did - the
| global integration just got tighter as a result of the need to
| integrate every this-or-that 'little' thing that observation
| to be integrated - after a while, things just 'fell-into-place' -
| "implocion to unity].
| All the while, I was, simultaneously, if 'inadvertantly',
| the design for the machine-analogue, and simultaneously, too,
| pursuing my 'hobby' in Physics, which led to the thorough
| Verivication of "Tapered Harmony", in which all the experimental
| results upon which 'quantum mechanics' was 'founded' are completely
| rewritten [I've posted several Proofs of TH's position in various
| online 'places'].
| To the degree that folks've allowed me to do so, I've shared this
| work in the tradition of Openness in Science - wanting, always, to
| only be allowed to do more of the same sort of work.
| I did all of this using my personal resources, never receiving any
| grant $ - never even having experiencing anyone saying, "Thank you"
| :-]
| So, although I admit I'm an easy 'mark', none of my 'protests' have
| ever been on my own behalf - all have been on behalf of Science,
| it's Obligation with respect to Truth. I've 'died' thousands of
| for wanting Science not to 'die'. I routinely 'die' right here in
| b.n, as this person, or the other one, devises his [mostly]
| 'bed-of-embers' upon which I am to 'walk' - and I've 'walked' and
| 'walked', all he while, endeavoring to follow Saint Lawrence's
| "Turn me over. That side's done."
| I Know, with Certainty, what's in NDT [and TH]. It's through that
| 'lens' that I'm able to See everything else that's been
transpiring -
| to follow Truth's one 'map' with respect to such.
| And it's net-Sorrow-Filled.
| I Mourn - but Honor Free Will, even as I Mourn.
| Such Honoring is what folks're 'confused' about.
| In case you are wanting to know.
| ken

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