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K.P. Collins

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Mon Mar 24 01:12:21 EST 2003

BTW, I'm not 'singling-out' folks in Academia - the problems my work
addresses are rather uniformly-distributed across Humanity.

I'm just 'goosing' the awareness of folks in Neuroscience because
it's a problem in Neuroscience. [I routinely do the analogous thing
with respect to the complete spectrum of 'groups' - every 'group'
whose attention I can reach-into - within the overall problem, each
'group' has special work that only it can do best - so I 'goose'
discretely, but across all 'groups' - except with respect to folks
who are 'hurting' [with these I work to 'anti-goose'] - because the
one problem is ~uniformly-distributed across Humanity [being
'Educated' does, in fact, exacerbate certain facets of the overall
problem, BTW - tends to make folks a bit extra-'hard-headed' with
respect to their, of course, =hard-won= knowledge [folks can 'weigh
their understanding of NDT's stuff in whether or not they find what's
here 'offensive' - it is, in fact, just Loving stuff - 'anti-goose'
stuff disguised as 'goose' stuff because I've learned that folks
who've large stores of knowledge like to 'chew-on' stuff in private,
as it fits-in within their 'schedules' - 'anti-goose' stuff disguised
as 'goose' stuff just sort of sits-there, 'waiting' for folks to
'stumble' across it - at their leisure - that, and - 'anti-goose'
stuff disguised as 'goose' stuff allows those who want to do so to
just 'flip-it-off' - all I can do is make NDT's stuff =available= to
folks - then I've got to Honor Folks' Free Wills with respect to it -
this's some of the way I implement NDT's stuff in my own existence,
which is 'miserable' because I'm 'alone', but, nevertheless, have to
work to bring the understanding forward - 'anti-goose' stuff
disguised as 'goose' stuff is a bit like "tough Love" - never
'welcome', until years later, if ever]].

I don't know how permanent the trend will be, but I sense I'm
'winding-down' - [if anyone 'wonders' why I'm doing what I'm doing
these days [these 'goosing' posts] - there're circumstances within my
own existence - I'm not only the stuff I do here in b.n, and I've got
to pay attention to the other stuff, too -  so I'm just trying to
impart a bit of self-sustaining 'stickiness' with respect to NDT's
stuff - that's all.

Flip-it-off if it's too much.


"DAN" <umogbor1 at cc.umanitoba.ca> wrote in message
news:b5lugv$jfv$1 at canopus.cc.umanitoba.ca...
| Unfortunately your response has done nothing but to validate the
| expressed by others on this message board. I spent the time to
| things that perhaps you did not understand and hoped you would not
| respond as "verifiably false". I ask you to elaborate furthur. It
is never
| enough to say verifiably false, you MUST clarify your arguments!
I'm fine
| that you stand by what you've posted, but to say that I am wrong is
| enough, perhaps provide a meaningful counter argument. I think this
| prove difficult, as many of the processes I have disscussed are
well founded
| and unfortuantely you clearly cannot grasp this. Don't bother to
respond, as
| I'm sure this will be beyond your comprehension and just seem
| false to you (even though you cannot verify this).

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