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I'd've been able to do only observational stuff had it not been for
the dedicated efforts of the Scientists that went before me - I've no
lap - all I did was integrate the experimental results produced by

The stuff I was addressing in my previous replies to Dan is stuff
that transcends this or that experientially-defined 'speacialities'
into which Humans 'grow'.

I was, and am, addressing stuff that's an 'equal-opportunity' Ravager
of Humanity - stuff that 'sucks-Life' out of every Human Being, in a
way that Mercilessly compounds across Humanity.

It's for us to imbue our Living with Mercy, thereby sending the stuff
of which I write to 'hell' where it belongs - instead of it's
'blindly'-automated imposing of 'hell' within the midst of our

I look to Neuroscience, and to everyone else who's willing to do the
work inherent, first, then to everyone on the face of the planet -
because it 'just' matters to everyone.


"Still it moves, still it moves, thank God Almighty, still it moves!"

K. P. Collins

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| I stand on what I've posted. The sorrowful thing is that everything
| in your thoughtful post =is= verifiably-false. [I allow for the
| possibility that you're not aware of all that's entailed, and, at
| rate, 'condemn' no one. Just the opposite is what's in my 'heart'.]
| K. P. Collins
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| | [...]

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