neuroscience I/V plots and the K+ reversal potential

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| | I've been giving an unpaid, and free, PhD course
| | in Neuroscience, charging my expenses to the CCSF.
| | [...]
| More 'hilarity' - I've got to treat the $ I borrowed from the
| 'Credit-Card Science Foundation' as 'income', and pay taxes on it -
| in effect paying the 'government' for my having done my work in
| Science - 'taxation with "inverted"[ representa]tion' :-]
| An 'interesting' instance of the dynamics of "inversion" as it's
| discussed in AoK, Ap4.
| It's some of why, although my 'back' is not yet 'broken', it's
| 'battered' under the 'weight' it carries, in the circumstances
| through which it must be carried.
| This's the nature of my version of Galileo's imprisonment, and the
| correlates between the two imprisonments are 'hilarious' -
| imprisonment is ridiculed by folks who impriso[n] me, while they,
| 'stealthily', do the same-stuff to me, without the openness that
| Galileo enjoyed.
| "Oh well."
| K. P. Collins

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