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Fri Mar 28 15:02:25 EST 2003

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| [...]
| Life does one thing: 'climb' the energy-gradient
| that is WDB2T, and, within such, there's, necessarily,
| exactly zero so-called 'randomness'.
| [...]

I introduced some 'confusion' here. I Apologize.

I wasn't saying that there's "necessarily zero 'randomness'"

I was saying that it's not necessary that there be any 'randomness'
within the neural energydynamics - that physical reality does not
'require' that there be any 'randomness' within the neural

The difference  is subtle.

It's most-often the case that there is 'randomness' within the neural
energydynamics because, as is discussed in AoK, the interplay of
'stochastic' and specific neural activation constitutes the 'raw
material' with respect to which the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms
perform work as they achieve TD E/I-minimized energy 'states'.

Within such, the 'stochastic' component constitutes the way that
"hypotheses" are both implemented and resolved within nervous systems
as TD E/I-minimization occurs within them.

Within such, the 'stochastic' stuff is treated as waste, and
'blindly' and automatically eliminated by the simple 'method' of
eliminating any neural activation that can be eliminated without
resulting in the occurrence of TD E/I(up).

Any 'randomness' that remains when the mechanism of volition crosses
its "volitional diminishing-returns decision" threshold [AoK, Ap7]
derives in one fact - the nervous system in question has operated
upon a subset of Truth, and not Truth in it's entirety, which is what
I went on to address in the prior post [sorry, I didn't quote it when
I began this msg].

What this means is that 'randomness' is eliminated in a way that
tends. strongly, to be proportional to the degree to which the
information-content that a nervous system acts upon is all-inclusive.

It's 'impossible' for a nervous system to deal with all the
information that exists within physical reality, so 'randomness'
remains for that reason, but for that reason =only=.

There's nothing in the nervous system, per se, that =requires=
'randomness', What 'requires' 'randomness' is the infinite scope
inherent in the larger physical reality in which nervous systems do
their information-processing work.

As is discussed in AoK, Ap1, when intergenerational handing-down of
understanding is considered, one can detect no 'boundaries' within
what's discussed in this msg.

That is, ultimately, there's nothing within physical reality that
'requires randomness'.

It's this goal toward which Philosophy, including both Sicence and
Religion, work.

Everything seeks Truth.

Truth is One energydynamic, rigorously-ordered by the one-way flow of
energy from order to disorder that is WDB2T. Within Truth's One
energydynamic, there exists exactly zero 'randomness' - physical
reality is Deterministic.

What the appearance of there being 'randomness' within phsical
reality is an Illusion that derives =solely= in the way that nervous
systems routinely deal only with subsets of Truth, cross their
individual "volotional diminishing-returns" thresholds. and  "call
the rest of physical reality `sour grapes, anyway`".

The 'secret' inherent in all of this is that understanding is
predicated upon the doing of information-processing =work=/

To the degree that such information-processing work is done, nervous
systems come to Know Truth.

The degree of such work that is actually done occurs as a function of
individual nervous systems' "volitional diminishing-returns"
thresholds, which can be set, volitionally.

'Encouragement' with respect to setting of such thresholds
relatively-high is one way of seeing the whole purpose of NDT.

All of "man's inhumanity to man" results from the setting of such
thresholds relatively-low which leads to
information-processing-work-'cheap' 'decisions' that 'just' are not
functional - that are spearated from physical reality [that are, in
essence, "insane"].

[All of this stuff has also been in AoK all alogn.]

K. P. Collins

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