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Fri Mar 28 15:52:19 EST 2003

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| | [...]
| | Life does one thing: 'climb' the energy-gradient
| | that is WDB2T, and, within such, there's, necessarily,
| | exactly zero so-called 'randomness'.
| | [...]
| I introduced some 'confusion' here. I Apologize.
| I wasn't saying that there's "necessarily zero 'randomness'"
| I was saying that it's not necessary that there be any 'randomness'
| within the neural energydynamics - that physical reality does not
| 'require' that there be any 'randomness' within the neural
| energydynamics.
| The difference  is subtle.
| It's most-often the case that there is 'randomness' within the
| energydynamics because, as is discussed in AoK, the interplay of
| 'stochastic' and specific neural activation constitutes the 'raw
| material' with respect to which the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms
| perform work as they achieve TD E/I-minimized energy 'states'.
| Within such, the 'stochastic' component constitutes the way that
| "hypotheses" are both implemented and resolved within nervous
| as TD E/I-minimization occurs within them.
| Within such, the 'stochastic' stuff is treated as waste, and
| 'blindly' and automatically eliminated by the simple 'method' of
| eliminating any neural activation that can be eliminated without
| resulting in the occurrence of TD E/I(up).
| Any 'randomness' that remains when the mechanism of volition
| its "volitional diminishing-returns decision" threshold [AoK, Ap7]
| derives in one fact - the nervous system in question has operated
| upon a subset of Truth, and not Truth in it's entirety, which is
| I went on to address in the prior post [sorry, I didn't quote it
| I began this msg].
| What this means is that 'randomness' is eliminated in a way that
| tends. strongly, to be proportional to the degree to which the
| information-content that a nervous system acts upon is
| It's 'impossible' for a nervous system to deal with all the
| information that exists within physical reality, so 'randomness'
| remains for that reason, but for that reason =only=.
| There's nothing in the nervous system, per se, that =requires=
| 'randomness', What 'requires' 'randomness' is the infinite scope
| inherent in the larger physical reality in which nervous systems do
| their information-processing work.
| As is discussed in AoK, Ap1, when intergenerational handing-down of
| understanding is considered, one can detect no 'boundaries' within
| what's discussed in this msg.
| That is, ultimately, there's nothing within physical reality that
| 'requires randomness'.
| It's this goal toward which Philosophy, including both Sicence and
| Religion, work.
| Everything seeks Truth.
| Truth is One energydynamic, rigorously-ordered by the one-way flow
| energy from order to disorder that is WDB2T. Within Truth's One
| energydynamic, there exists exactly zero 'randomness' - physical
| reality is Deterministic.
| What the appearance of there being 'randomness' within phsical
| reality is an Illusion that derives =solely= in the way that
| systems routinely deal only with subsets of Truth, cross their
| individual "volotional diminishing-returns" thresholds. and  "call
| the rest of physical reality `sour grapes, anyway`".
| The 'secret' inherent in all of this is that understanding is
| predicated upon the doing of information-processing =work=/
| To the degree that such information-processing work is done,
| systems come to Know Truth.
| The degree of such work that is actually done occurs as a function
| individual nervous systems' "volitional diminishing-returns"
| thresholds, which can be set, volitionally.

The route to achieving such is given in AoK - in particular, in Ap7 -
there's no 'magic' in it. Everything necessary, except the correlated
understanding, exists right within every organically-intact nervous
system. kpc

| 'Encouragement' with respect to setting of such thresholds
| relatively-high is one way of seeing the whole purpose of NDT.
| All of "man's inhumanity to man" results from the setting of such
| thresholds relatively-low which leads to
| information-processing-work-'cheap' 'decisions' that 'just' are not
| functional - that are spearated from physical reality [that are, in
| essence, "insane"].
| [All of this stuff has also been in AoK all alogn.]
| K. P. Collins

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