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Egg-Sperm 3-D Energydynamics

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Fri Mar 28 17:15:45 EST 2003

"Research Shows Sperm Has Egg Locater", By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


What defines the stuff that's discussed in the Article is not particular to the biochemistry, but particular to the overall energydynamic in which this 'snippet' of reproductive stuff constitutes a small, coordinated-to-the-overall-3-D-energydynamics part.

The 'question' to which the dynamics discussed form an answer is, "How can the problem of mapping Truth in the sperm's 3-D energydynamics be resolved without disrupting the overall Human 3-D energydynamics?"

The biochemistry can be anything that 'falls out' in answer to this one 'question'.

That is, the overall 3-D energydynamic 'dictates' to the biochemistry, not the other way around.

When one looks, all one can see is the One 3-D energydynamic - the particular biochemistry is 'superfluous'.

This's of extreme importance because any externally engineered interventions must answer the same 'question' as do the evolutionarily-'engineered' 3-D energydynamics - else they disrupt the overall 3-D energydynamic.

This one 'rule' applies right across the board, within all bioengineering [gene therapy, pharmaceuticals, neurosurgery, crop-genetics], and, for instance, Mendelean 'breeding' flat-out replicates evolution's 'search' for answers with respect to the One 'question, stated above.

Life 'climbs' the WDB2T energy-gradient by eliminating the energy-waste inherent in divergences from the energy-flow that is WDB2T.

Everything else is 'just' means to this one end - nothing in any of the particulars of the biochemistry has any significance outside the realm of this one 'question' - any particulars can be anything as long as they successfully 'answer' this one 'question' with respect to the one 3-D energydynamic which is continuous from minus-Infinity to plus-Infinity, and is WDB2T.

Get it?

"To infinity, and beyond!" ["Buzz Lightyear", Toy Story]

K. P. Collins

"P. S. ..."
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