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Affirmative Action - April Supreme Court Decision

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Sat Mar 29 15:32:10 EST 2003

Today's New York Times Op-Ed page provides a thoughtful tutorial on the debate over Affirmative Action which, the page states, will be taken up by the Supreme Court this coming Tuesday, 2003-04-01.

"Is Diversity Overrated?", By STANLEY ROTHMAN


Quoting from the New York Times Op-Ed Column:

"The results contradict almost every benefit claimed for campus diversity. Students, faculty members and administrators all responded to increasing racial diversity by registering increased dissatisfaction with the quality of education and the work ethic of their peers. Students also increasingly complained about discrimination."

Beyond the fact that a 'poll' has been administered, every argument presented in this Op-Ed Column is verifiably False because the Author does not understand the way nervous systems process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E.I-minimization.

Truth is that, as is explained in AoK, nervous systems that are 'confronted' with extra-'familiar'-esperience stuff do 'suffer' a temporary 'period' of the TD E/I(up) that, in AoK, Ap8, is referred to under the 'umbrella heading' of "rendering useless".

But that's 'just' the stuff that's necessarily coupled to 'normal' learning with respect to anything that's relatively 'unfamiliar'.

Truth is that the underpinning problem exists not only within American Society, but across all of Humanity, and it doesn't just 'go away'.

The underpinning problem is the same "us vs. them" stuff, having its biological wellspring in 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization within nervous systems, left generally-uncomprehended, that is even now Ravaging Humanity.

Of course, when nervous systems that are 'polled' are, themselves, uncomprehending the way that 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization 'dictates' prejudice, those nervous systems will tend, strongly, to 'blindly' and automatically converge upon "finitizations" [AoK, Ap4] that will 'move away from' that which induces super-'curiosity'-threshold TD E/I(up) within them. Of course.

So 'polls' within uncomprehending populations are totally-worthless, except with the fact that they do disclose the the absence of comprehension.

Truth is that absence of comprehension is the most dangerous stuff that exists.

Truth is that it falls to thoughtful Academicians to draw themselves up in full awareness of the Responsibilities inherent in Academia.

Truth is, that, rather than 'denying', 'moving away from', etc., the problem inherent, just because it does include a temporary sojourn into 'discomfort', the thing to do with respect to such is to face it through all means with which it can be confronted.

Because, Truth is that the problem is out there - as the intergenerationally-handed-down Consequence of Unconstitutional forced withholding of all means to acquire Education - and, if it's not dealt with forthrightly, it still goes right on Ravaging all of Humanity.

Where better to do what needs to be done in a matter of absence-of-comprehension than in Academia?

Why "tie Academia's hands" with respect to Academia's efforts to eliminate the prevailing absence of understanding?

Why act to perpetuate that which ravages Humanity?

Why Choose to serve stuff as Unworthy as is prejudice?

Why even contemplate making such serving of Unworthy prejudice 'the law of the land'?

Why not do 'just' the opposite stuff with respect to the underpinning absence-of-understanding that is not only coupled to temporary 'discomfort', but which Ravages all of Humanity?

This is The American Way.



Quoting from the New York Times Op-Ed Column:

"That consensus reflects the reality that today's students must be prepared to live and work in a global economy and a multiracial world. And it helps explain why Michigan's admissions policies have been supported by a record-setting 66 friend-of-the-court briefs from hundreds of leading businesses, members of Congress, states, labor unions, professional associations, two former defense secretaries, three former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the former superintendents of all three service academies."

Hear, hear!

"Admissions (and Denials) of Responsibility", By GLENN C. LOURY


Quoting from the New York Times Op-Ed Column:

"That is, racial diversity at the most selective institutions is required to demonstrate the genuinely democratic character of the process through which we, in effect, choose our elites."

Hear, hear!

The very Existence of The Constitution of The United States of America is being Decided, beginning nest Tuesday, at The Supreme Court of The United States of America.

"A Policy That Depends on Segregation", By BENJAMIN FOREST


Quoting from the New York Times Op-Ed Column:

"`Geographic diversity' is a flawed proxy for racial diversity."

"Nonetheless, the implication of this analysis is clear. Texas-style plans achieve significant diversity only if high schools are highly segregated. It is disingenuous to claim that these plans are not racially conscious. They may prevent universities from considering race in individual cases, but they accept - indeed, they rely on - the racially driven processes that produce and maintain segregation."

The Author addresses the Fallacy of TD E/I-minimization-'cheap' "volitional diminishing-returns" decisions [AoK, Ap7] that 'move away from' Truth in their 'fear' of temporary 'discomfort'.

The Author sees, clearly, that that's not America.

K. P. Collins
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| The Supreme Court decision with respect to the University of
| Michigan's enlightened Affirmative Action Policy is coming up in
| April.
| ken collins
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