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Honor Truth and Truth Honors you right back?

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Mon Mar 31 02:26:56 EST 2003


"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| Honor Truth and Truth Honors you right back?
| I've 'wondered' what folks reactions to this oft-repeated
| declaration.
| I've imagined folks saying stuff like, "Guess your're not 'Honoring
| Truth', Ken, because it's apparent, from your whining that you're
| receiving mush 'Honor right back', isn't it?"
| But folks miss the whole 'point'.
| Folks presume that, when I say I Honor Truth that that, somehow
| 'involves' them, but it doesn't.
| Each person can only interact with Truth with respect to
| When one Honors Truth, Truth Honors one right back because, to the
| degree that one Honors Truth, one becomes more able to see Truth.
| That's all.
| That folks 'move away from' me, and that that leaves me 'miserable'
| has nothing to do with Truth nor my Honoring Truth, or not, and
| everything to do with the TD E/I(up) that folks experience when
| encounter the work I do.
| Folks 'honor' the TD E/I(up) as if it were absence-of-Truth, but
| folks doing such doesn't transform the TD E/I(up) into
| absence-of-Truth, does it?
| Nope. It's just folks behaving in ways that conform to the familiar
| stuff of their own experience.
| Has absolutely nothing to do with Truth.

Well, it does, but only through a 'transformation' [a 'lens'] with
respect to 1. each person's experiential total, and 2. understanding
with respect to how nervous systems process information. And folks
can, at least partially, 'move toward' Truth through their
experiencing of others' efforts to 'move toward' Truth. [Or 'move
away from' Truth, at least partially, with an inherent TD E/I(up)
'cost' that's proportional to the degree that Truth is, in fact,
'moved away from', through their experiencing of others' efforts to
'move away from' Truth.] But this 'vicarious' stuff occurs through
the 'lenses'of folks' own experiential totals, within the millieux of
their interactive dynamics. There're also group-wise dynamics, of
course. [All of AoK [except non-existent 'time' stuff] apploes/
Discussions in Ap7 & 8, in particular.] kpc

| No one can enter into one's relationship with Truth other than
| self - and that's where all the Honoring and/or Dishonoring
| The rest is just folks behaving in accord with coersed-consensus -
| 'rules', 'laws', 'contracts', 'vested-interests', etc. - you know,
| all the stuff of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization that,
| through experience, has become the stuff that's
| relatively-'positively'-correlated to TD E/I-minimization.
| Truth is, despite anything anyone does.
| Each person's relationship with Truth is solely between Truth and
| them.
| Just thought this stuff needed a bit of clarification.
| ken
| --
| "P. S. ..."

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