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Affirmative Action - April Supreme Court Decision

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Mon Mar 31 03:27:06 EST 2003

"Why the Supreme Court Needs to Visit Cass High School", By ADAM COHEN


Quoting from the New York Times Editorial:

"It is too bad that the justices will not be visiting Cass Tech before they rule. They could see not only some of the students whose futures lie in the balance, but the hollowness of the plaintiffs' central argument - that race no longer matters."

"The Center for Individual Rights is not really seeking "equal treatment" at all. If it were, it would fight all the plus-factors Michigan uses - including those, like alumni preferences and provost's discretion, that help wealthy whites. But it has chosen only to go after students at schools like Cass Tech, to try to take away one of the few things they have on their side."

What the Editorial discusses is more of the same 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization that 'blindly' and automatically 'moved toward' 'self' and 'moved away from' 'not-self' during the 'time' of Slavery.

The Editorial goes right to the heart of the matter - using the criteria set forth in the Editorial, the gain/loss ratio between groups on the opposite 'sides' of the issue of Affirmative Action is easily quantified, and when it is, it's hugely-imbalanced 'state' is plain-as-day to see.

This ratio constitutes a rigorous measure of both the 'blindness', and the abuse of 'power' inherent, and clearly places the efforts of those who litigate against Affirmative Action in the University of Michigan case solidly in the same realm of Offensiveness as other Discriminatory abuses of 'power' that The Supreme Court has recognized and justly placed outside of the Law.

If there is to be "equality under the Law", there must first be some recognizable semblance of Equality.

With respect to the descendents of Slavery, the endurig ramifications of the forced withholding of all means of attaining Education, constitute a perpetuated 'state' of inequality.

If the phrase "equal rights under the law" is to have any but hippocritical connotation, the too-long perpetuated absence-of-Equality must be addressed proactively, under The Constitution of The United States of America.

Wake-up America. Everyone's personal welfare's derive solely in the degree to which this sort of Societal imbalance is forthrightly addressed. Anything else, to the degree of such, "sows the seeds of its own wearing of chains" [A. Lincoln] creating a circumstance in which, to that degree, no one's Rights under the Law are guaranteed.

K. P. Collins

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| The Supreme Court decision with respect to the University of
| Michigan's enlightened Affirmative Action Policy is coming up in
| April.
| ken collins
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