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Opioids and cancer

Peter F fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au
Thu May 1 05:16:06 EST 2003

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
news:a2Vra.58889$cO3.4007391 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
> Hi Peter, thanks for posting this.
> Prediction:
> In the future, it will be found that the opiates find their ways to
> the malignant tissue be-cause of the relatively 'random'
> energydynamics that 'reside' in the malignant tissue.
> This's 'just' more 3-D energydynamics, in accord with Life's 'goal'
> of 'climbing' the WDB2T energy-gradient toward WDB2T ^ -1.
> The opiates' 'recognize' the WDB2T-'discord' inherent in the
> malignant tissue, and 'go there' to 'give comfort', if not to heal.
> It's always been obvious to me. BTW, that cancer treatment strategies
> should be engineered with respect to 'discerning' this same
> relative-disorder.

I can only vaguely see how you (one) can see it that way -- and, may be one
day, ordinary science will eventually have progressed to the point that it
tells us that you are pointing in roughly the right direction.

Personally I have insights that allows me to speculate that opiates are
found in cancer cells because cancers are a legacy from the era of our
evolution in which single-cell ancestral population emerged under the
selective pressure of "Irritating Cloud Type Situations".

I can also come up with the idea [backed by my kinds of insight] that
cancers tends to be associated with opioids because they cause _physically
inescapable_ pain (since they tend to apply physical pressure, causing
oxygen starvation or other damage to normal tissues (including nerves)) and
since opioids are definitely dedicated to such (including, so to speak, and
as it is of core relevance to this article, "somatically traumatic")

[By the way, "pain" may be generally understood to be both intra and inter
neuronal signaling-activity corresponding to irritation and/or any
anticipated or detected impending or actual injury _that cannot be escaped
by physical motion_.
There is little doubt in my mind that there are neurotransimtters, such as
"substance P", that are rather specifically (or perhaps uniquely) correlated
with physical injuries.
At the same time, there is likewise little doubt amongst brainbehavioral
scientists (and in me;), that certain events or situations that are detected
or monitored by specialized neurons as being painful (not just events or
situations that cause physical injuries) do correlate strongly with high
frequency firing in/by certain circuits/neurons. (By "certain" I am saying,
"in some more than in others, or exclusively").

So your "TD E/I up/down" phraseology at least rings true with what is known
about (or with the somewhat "sliding scale relationship" between) pain and

I define ICTSs with reference to a simplest possible and easily imagined
"lived situation" (at the center of which are one potentially procreative
single-cell individual "unit of Darwinian selection").

Also, the "ICTS notion" is meant to be reasonably freely extrapolated from
(and back-tracked to) - at least within EPT (appropriate) bounds.

Prior to any reasonable extrapolation, ICTS illustrates a primordial era
single-cell-specific prototype for SHITS.

By analysing the simple response-options available to single cell creatures,
when they are stuck within and forced by the "selective pressure" from and
ICTS [primordial prototype of a SHITS], to either cope or "cave in" and, in
an evolutionary sense, to either survive and become "naturally selected in"
or succumb and be "naturally pruned out", I discovered, amongst else, the
(at least logical!) relationship between cancers and _all kinds of
irritants_ (most obviously radiational, chemical (including microbe derived)
and purely kinetic (as in shafing) "irritants".

[Don't presume I have neglected to take note of the possibility that somatic
symptoms of 'dis_ease' can also derive from hormonally mediated chronic
effects of stored SHITS (i.e. "primal pain" or CURSES), and that a
psychophysiologically profound self-regulation can be achieved, at least by
some people, through them doing proper Primal Therapy -- or proper PT by any
other name.]

I also in a sense discovered the primordial prototype for neurotically
(co-)motivated sex.

And I uncovered some of the aptness and truth in the thinking that stressed
animals evolve faster than unstressed animals.
(E.g. as reflected in Richard de C Studdert's book "Selection, The Stress
Theory of Evolution".)

And, I relized that it is far from inEPT to think of our brains not just as
being our "central nerve (or nervous) systems" but as highly evolved
"_Actention_ Selection Systems".

And, I am sure I made more interesting connection that I can't think right

More about ICTS:

In actual reality, ICTSs (e.g. "clouds" of sulphuric particles caused by
volcanic activity?) would have occurred with a significant frequency very
early in the amoebic era of our own phylogeny.

Aside from this specific concEPTual suitability (of "ICTS"), in a
sufficiently far extrapolated sense ICTS is an adEPTly designed concEPT also
because it can be seen as an abbreviation of situations that induce "CURSES"
(as in "Installing CURSES Type Situations").

And, as if this wasn't enough, ICTS can just about be spoken with Polish (or
Cech) pronounciation, to sound something close to, "eat-shits".;-)


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