Evolution and Depression: one for Peter F's linguistic playpen

Peter F fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au
Thu May 1 10:34:37 EST 2003

Thanks John!

A 'triad' of triviality, turgidness and theoretical thinness aptly describes
their tenet! Makes me think my theorizing tops theirs any day.

[To be specific, e.g. compare their (what they call a) "dyad", with the
definitional dEPTth and unifying scope of what I mean when I claim and
conclude (something like) that:
The AEVASIVE aspect of the human phenotype evolved according to the
(sub)principle of (implied by) that "ambi-advantageous" adaptations have,
throughout the phylogeny of animals, tended to be naturally selected-in
primarily by SHITS (-type "adversity type evolutionary pressures")
coinciding with "opportunity type evolutionary pressures".]

Furthermore, for my taste, theirs also falls down for not being even a tiny
bit funny.


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