Opioids and cancer

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Thu May 1 11:01:12 EST 2003

In my view, everything is 'engineered' with respect to the one
energydynamic. It is what imbues Life with 'meaning' that everything
at all scales within Life can 'blindly' and automatically 'know', and
'know' what to do with respect to.

In this way, the endogenous opiates 'know' what to do with respect to
the energy-gradient that is WDB2T.

If you look within your analyses, you'll find that they all have the
stuff above at their base.

So does "Occam's Razor".

So do all Experimental methods [in their always-right-there reducing
their questions to a controllable subset].

So does everything in Life.

So does everything within physical reality.

What I do is work to give folks Reason to see all of this of-a-piece.

Cheers, Peter :-]


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