Sensation - How does one have the conscious experience of it?

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First I'll fix a typo:

| 'Viewing TV' through such a 'brick' adds some
| input dynamicism.
| [...]

| When we experience 'vision' [audition, etc.], we
| are =literally= experiencing the ambient external
| 3-D energy and its dynamics. All of the neural
| architecture that's correlated to 'vision' ['audition',
| etc.] is in-there =just= to 'grasp' the ambient
| external energy-flow, turn it 'outside-in, upside-
| down, and backward', and achieve TD E/I-
| minimization with respect to it.
| We =don't= 'see' "in" the brain. The brain 'just'
| 'grasps' the ambient external energy-flow - the
| 'image' actually exists =only= externally. All that
| happens internally is our 'response' to the external
| 3-D energydynamics as such is 'merged' with formerly
| conctructed "biological mass" ["biological mass" is
| =literally= captured energy].
| For instance, the rods' color selectivities and
| the cones' greyscale responses are =just=
| energy-'grasping' implementations - the images
| that we 'see' are =not= 'in our brains'. The images
| that we 'see' are, literally, where they are in the
| external energy-flow.
| See?
| [...]

Start with a really-crude system - a bacterium. As is discussed in
AoK, Ap4, in bacterial chemotaxis, bacteria move their flagella in a
relatively-ordered fashion in the presence of an increasing nutrient
concentration gradient, and in a 'random' fashion in the absence of
such. The former yields relatively-ordered motion that 'swims' up the
nutrient concentration gradient, the latter, 'random' tumbling motion
that 'explores' the bacterias' environments for a favorable nutrient
concentration gradient.

I should, but I don't know how a bacterium 'eats'. The 'point' I'm
working to make is that the nutrient concentration gradient is not
continuous with the bacterium - it's not "in" the bacterium, The
bacterium 'searches for it' and 'chases after it'.

The bacterium's crude analogue of 'sensation', however, is what its
'nutrient detectors' do, and nothing mre than that. Through such, the
bacterium 'experiences' the external nutrient concentration gradient.

Jump to Human vision.

Our experience of 'seeing' is 'just' what our visual receptors do
when they encounter visual-spectrum EM radiation.

They do a lot, including rigorously mapping their responses to the
external EM radiation within the "special topological homeomorphism
of the central nervous system" [AoK, "Short Paper", Ap3, 5, 6 & 7].

This distribute the visual response to the external EM in a way
that's mapped to 'self' - just as occurs, in an extremely-crude way,
in the bacterium, and, as a result, like the bacterium, we 'know' how
to 'move' with respect to the [visual] EM radiation that we

The "special topological homeomorphism" 'anchors' everything within
the nervous system with respect to 'self'.

>From there, it's 'just' a matter of consistently representing
'color', 'intensity', 'hue', and, as is discussed in AoK, Ap6, stuff
like "the nonlinearity of perspective", "symmetry signatures", mono-
and binocular-depth-perception, and cross-correlating
mutually-varying activation vectors.

The way we experience 'vision' is the 'same' way bacteria
'experience' nutrient concentration gradients - it's 'just' what the
visual subsystem does being rigorously mapped with respect to the
"special topological homeomorphism" which rigorously maps it to

Even the analogue of the bacterium's 'crudeness is in-there because
we exist within a 'sea' of energy, most of which we just don't
'see' - we only 'see' that which, if we didn't 'see' it, would result
in "a bump on the head".


The =CRUCIAL= thing is in the way everything is rigorously mapped
into the "special topological homeomorphism", whereby it's
simultaneously rigorously mapped with respect to 'self'.

With this mapping, given a functional 'visual' apparatus, 'vision' is
'just' what happens when external visual-spectrum EM radiation is

We 'consciously experience' 'vision' be-cause the neural activation
that occurs in response to external visual-spectrum EM radiation is
rigorously mapped into 'self' within the "special topological

The "special topological homeomorphism" is the Crucial thing in

It 'pins' the external energydynamics to 'self'.

The rest is just like in bacteria, except exquisitely-more-refined.

Now, work backward through the realm of all know partial visual
deficits until you get it.

See? :-]

It's why the "special topological homeomorphism" is the main focus of
AoK's "Short Paper" section.

The "special topological homeomorphism" 'anchors' 'self', making all
of the other True-Wonders that occur within our nervous systems

K. P. Collins

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