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Sensation - How does one have the conscious experience of it during Sleep?

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Sat May 3 12:05:21 EST 2003

If visual experience is as I've discussed it, then what about the
vivid 'imagery' that occurs during dream-sleeping-consciousness?

Reverse activation of retinal glomeruli - that has the purpose of
rendering 'sleep' something to 'look forward to' - 'dreaming' is
sleep-consciousness 'anti-boredom' stuff - an ancient abstract TD
E/I-minimization 'rationale' for 'sleeping'.

Dream sleep's 'imagery' reflects 'sleep's memory-consolidation of
that which was experienced during one's relatively-recent 'periods'
of waking consciousness within one's "experiential total", which is a
necessity that derives in the fact that "supersystem configuration"
occurs in a way that's rigorously correlated with TD E/I-minimization
dynamics that are actually occurring with respect to neural
activation that is actually occurring within the "supersystem".

Sleep experiments have [and common experience has] verified that
sleep is 'deepest' early-on during a 'perod' of sleep consciousness,
and that the 'content' of this 'deepest' dream sleep consciousness
further 'correlates' with relatively-old experience. As a 'period' of
sleep consciousness proceeds, sleep becomes progressively less-'deep'
and the 'content' of dream sleep consciousness becomes progressively
more-current with respect to experience [I awoke this morning during
a dream of my Love dating another man :-]

This 'walking' through memory from oldest to newest that occurs
during any 'normal' sleeping-consciousness 'period' [during and
'normal' night's sleep] incorporates the long-recognized
sleep-'state' cycles, which are 'just' the stuff of the stereotypical
"supersystem configurations" through which "experiential total"
memory consolidation is, in fact, achieved.

During any 'normal night's sleep, these stereotypical
sleeping-consciousness "supersystem configurations", and their
stereotypical cycling, is driven by oustanding TD E/I-minimization
work that remains to be accomplished [although I've not yet
encountered evidence for such outside of my own work, =Probably= in a
way that's expressly with respect to "meta-passive-phase" "prefrontal
constellation's" injecting of TD E/I(up) [see AoK, Ap7] back upon the
rest of the "supersystem" during waking consciousness [this
high-Probability derives in the fact that this is the optimum
circumstance in which all that needs to be accomplished can be
accomplished, and evolutionary dynamics rarely miss zeroing-in on
such optimum opportunity]].

The overall energydynamics are somewhat akin to a "pump-storage"
electrical generation station, in which excess electricity that's
generated during low-demand 'periods' is used to pump water back
above the generators so that it can be released again during
high-demand 'periods' - except, in the nervous system, the analogue
of 'pumping' is 'just' a 'normal' waking-consciousness 'period's
neural activation - during sleeping consciousness, the supersystem
'turns inward' [which 'turning inward' should be observable in scans
taken during waking->sleeping and sleeping->waking "supersystem
gonfiguration" transitions], and processing becomes 'anti-dormatic'
[is that the right word for a "reverse-flow-empowered process"? -
'conventionally'-right-or-wrong, it's the word I use to connote such

Sleeping consciousness' reverse activation of the retinal glomeruli
is 'anti-dromatic'.

Dream content is 'wacky' relative to waking-consciousness
experiential content be-cause the 'walking' of the sleep stages
constitutes a relatively-abstract form of information processing
that's governed in accord with outstanding TD E/I-minimization work
with respect to "experiential total" integration - the new-to-old
experience cross-correlation and integration that occurs during
sleeping consciousness juxtaposes stuff that does not 'normally'
occur in a mutually-inclusive way during 'normal' waking
consciousness - so, when such happens during sleeping consciousness
there's the quality of relative 'strangeness' in the abstract
information-processing goal inherent.

So, dream-sleep's 'visual' imagery is not 'mysterious', either. It's
'just' what happens within nervous systems while they do work to
achieve long-term maintenance of integrated "experiential total" - of
integrated 'self'.

=Of course= future work will refine the 'visual' consciousness stuff
I've discussed in this, and former msgs [in this thread and in former
threads]. =Of course= my work is just 'stepping-stone' stuff on the
'path' to complete reification' It's "a beginning in a promising
direction" [AoK, Ap10].

It's 'hilarious' to me, though, that I receive so much 'hassling'
with respect to the work I've done because it's verifiably decades
more-advanced in its degree of integration of everything that's known
about nervous systems than is anything else that's out-there :-]

It's 'hilarious' that I've not been allowed to Publish the work I've
done - that, on top of the stuff of the 'Struggle' inherent in doing
the work, I've had to endure fairly-Savage 'punishment' for simply
having given myself over to doing what needed to be done on behalf of

You know? It's 'just' 'hilarious'.

But, fortunately, all such has been explained in NDT all along [it's
been explained in AoK all along], so I was able to understand, and
Choose to do what needed to be done, anyway :-]

At it's base, my work constitutes my effort to give everyone the
'same' Freedom of action inherent.

Although it, 'two', has been explained in AoK all along, folks
'moving away from' the Gift of such Freedom has been flat-out
'hilarious' :-]

I do not mean to 'offend'.

I mean 'just'-the-opposite stuff.

I mean to Rescue folks from their 'blindly-automated,
virtually-imprisoned 'existences'.

I mean to Give folks =Freedom=.

That the 'gift horse' is 'looked in the mouth' is a measure of the
degree to which folks remain in control of the 'blindly'-automated
Dictates of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, uncomprehended.

[Forgive me, =Please=, with respect to this last stuff. It, like
=all= analogous instances within =all= of everything I've ever
posted, or, in any other way, communicated to folks, is not
'boasting' or 'triumphalism' or 'hurtfulness', but, rather, it's
=all= been =just= my efforts to 'peel-back' the 'veil' of "Abstract
Ignorance" that has shrouded and 'blinded' Humanity to its
innately-rightful Existence since the Beginning. It's just the way I
Love you. Love =does not= look upon Suffering - even yours - and Fail
to do what needs to be done, even though there's 'difficulty'
inherent. Love does what Needs to be done, especially when there's
'difficulty' inherent, to lift folks up out of their Suffering. Love
'moves toward' folks. You know?]

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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