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Opioids and cancer

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Sat May 3 12:58:13 EST 2003

Hi Peter.

"Peter F" <fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
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| I suggest that it can be both fruitful and fun to
| also look at and analyse cancers, and the
| cancer-opioid connection, from the perspective
| of adaptive response-alternatives available to
| individuals within our early ancestral amoebic
| populations.
| First I shall establish that we are aware of and
| agree about what the full and relevant (to cancers)
| behavioural (and/or coping) repertoire of these
| (such) creatures were (are).
| They are capable of only the 4 mutually exclusive
| F's, namely: Feeding, Fleeing (Fighting was not
| invented back then, but it would make no
| difference to this scheme had it been), Freezing
| (as in 'hibernating') and Fecunding (written in place
| of "self-replicating" because "Fornicating,
| Fucking, and Fathering, don't ring true in this case).
| In the frequent event that a trillion potentially amoebic
| ancestral individuals got immersed in an "irritating
| cloud" (type situation), only 2 possible adaptive
| behavioral solutions did exist:
| 1. That the individual suppressed its primary
| withdrawal reflex until the "irritating cloud" has dispersed;
| 2. That, it took a last ditch gamble on self-replication
| as if in order to produce an offspring that were suitably
| mutated to remain unaffacted by or even (though less
| likely still within the realm of the possible) inclined to
| eat the irritant. (The law of large numbers would have
| made sure even such potential phylogenetic solutions
| materialised, more than on one occassion.)
| *If* overwhelming irritation (by any kind of irritant) is
| a call to arms also for single-cell dwelling
| primeordial/prototypic opioids, opioids in cancer
| cells may then reflect a relict function that is restored
| out-of-context when normal cells commit mutiny within
| an chronically irritated (in some way) multi-cellular creature.
| [Multicellular creatures, e.g. mammals like us, may
| get cancer from being _inescapably and chronically
| "irritated"_ by different radiation, by cancerous
| chemicals, by macroscopic or microscopic objects
| instrumental in causing chronic shafing type irritation
| (e.g. hard harnesses (on oxes), and asbestos fibres,
| respectively) , and at being attacked and interferred with
| by viruses.]
| P

I've a lot of personal experience with 'wearing of the yoke' {and
almost every other form of "inescapable irritation"] - it does
'chafe' :-]

Can you see that what the 'chafing' is at it's base is
locally-decreased order?

TD E/I(up) occurs within any relatively-ordered neural mechanism
interfaced with such.

Therefore, any neural mechanism that innately functions to 'blindly'
and automatically achieve TD E/I-minimization 'moves away from' the

Voilà! Ordered' 'climbing' of the energy-gradient that is WDB2T -
'moving away from' 'pain' - 'moving away from' dis-ease - 'moving
away from' dis-order - 'moving toward' Freedom to Live :-]

At the 'level' of the amoeboid prosesses that you've discussed, it's
all just the 'same'-stuff, sans nervous systems, within the 3-D
molecular and 'atomic' energydynamics.

'moving away from' dis-order is what Life does.

=Anything= that 'moves away from' dis-order, to the degree of such,
is 'alive' with respect to WDB2T. This is the Fundamental
'dividing-line' between Life and not-Life.

Not-Life just goes with the flow' of energy's going from order to
dis-order that is WDB2T.

Life, on the other hand, 'swims' up this WDB2T energy-flow - which is
what your "irritating amoebic clowds" do when they act to imbue their
local stuff with order, and, out of such, increasing-order arises,
until Life has been lifted-up in our Beings which, via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mnimization, actively work in the pursuit
of increased-order.

But it's all the one thing - all the same-stuff - 'moving away from'
dis-order - 'moving toward' order - and the nest step entails the
removing of the 'blindness' with respect to such.

That's what I'm working to do :-]

Folks 'think' "order" is something 'dreadful', but that's not it.

Knowing "order" is the very essence of Freedom, because such enables

Dis-order is the 'dreadful' stuff, because, within such, 'choice' is
a 'crap-shoot', which, to the degree of such, simply renders Choice
increasingly Improbable.

It's why amoeba cannot write a symphony. They're 'imprisoned' within
the weakness of their abilities to assert order.

Well, I've 'wandered' a bit, but these things're what your thoughts
have stimmed within my Being.

Cheers, Peter, ken

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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