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Opioids and cancer

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Sat May 3 14:16:55 EST 2003


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| You know - =Know= order but Live in a way
| that does what needs to be done about the
| dis-order that remains =Unknown= - instead of
| 'acquiesing' within the local-'comfort' of some
| 'volcano's crater' [any local minimum within a
| 3-D potential-energy curve is like a volcano's
| crater], waiting-weak-kneed for the Disaster
| that's brewing in the dis-order that remains
| Unknown - 'waiting' for the 'volcano' to blow-up.
| The [former] actually constitutes the Fullness-of-
| Life. The [latter] is what 'amoebas' do :-]

I carelessly got the backward references reversed in my prior post.

I'll tke advantage of the Opportunity to discuss a bit.


"No problem."

Forgive oneself one's 'mis-take', "back out of the cul de sac", and
continue on in doing what needs to be done 'carried' on the 'wings'
of "inverting" and "True reward".

["Automated error-detection" via sensori-motor "template mismatchine"
and TD E/I-minimization-driven "supersystem configuration" dynamics,
"inverting" and "True reward", and how and why the need for
Forgiveness is built right into nervous systems, AoK, Ap5, 7 & 8.]

I understand that folks think I'm 'overly-critical', but all I'm
doing is "whittling" [AoK, Ap5] with respect to folks irrational
'fear' with respect to "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8].

It's the same-stuff F.D.R. was doing when he reiterated that, "We
have nothing to fear but fear itself."

'Fear' of "rendering useless" is =irrational= because, without
experiencing "rendering useless", it's 'impossible' to fix anything
that needs fixing.

When 'fear' with respect to experiencing "rendering useless" dictates
to us, to the degree to which we acquiesce to such, through our
acquiescence [through our Choice], it's virutally-'impossible' to
actually do anything that needs to be done].

So, I've been 'breaking' one 'taboo' after another - in order to
'paint the general picture' of Humanity's malaise.

This's all I've been doing.

If folks look back, they'll see that I've, simultaneously, been
'swatting-down' any 'gang-tackling' interpretations that folks
converge upon with respect to anything that's been in anything I've

It's =not= my purpose to 'attack' individuals.

It's been my purpose to 'lift the veil' that obscures the way in
which folks so routinely 'attack' one another with result that
Humanity, itself, Suffers greatly.

I've been working to teach folks how to lift themselves up above
such, ultimately, self-destruction.

One of the 'keys' is with respect to the irrational 'fear' with
respect to experiencing "rendering useless".

Forgiving, with its inherent "inverting" and "True reward", is just
an all-around-better Way.

There's so much more stuff, like this - useful, and Freedom-Loving -
in NDT. I ache to get it all across to folks. kpc

| The difference between amoeba and us is
| they can't, but we can.
| 'Course, whether or not this difference is
| actualized derives in our Choice.
| K. P. Collins
| --
| "Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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