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Sensation - How does one have the conscious experience of it during Sleep?

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Sun May 4 05:19:40 EST 2003

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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Folks, please don't leave me 'dangling' with respect to this 'how
visual consciousness happens' discussion.

It's important, and I can say a lot more, but it'd help if folks
expressed their Criticisms - else I'll probably post stuff that
folks'll not get 'cause I don't know what, of the 'vision' stuff
that's in AoK and what I've posted in this thread, folks've not

It's all so interesting to me. The 'stock market' rallied last week,
after I 'discussed' stuff from AoK, Ap6 online for the first time.
It's like folks're presuming that, if I discuss this or that online,
then it's 'in the public domain'?

It's been such an aching in my 'heart' all along. I saw that folks
were 'borrowing' NDT's stuff to pursue 'high-tech' ends, and, while
I've always Hoped that I'd be able to earn a living through this work
that I Love to do, and I've been 'disappointed' that that has not
been the case, what I've actually been 'jumping up and down' about
whenever I've discussed 'stock market', etc., stuff is that, use of
the work I've done, without acknowledging the usefulness of the work
in the Lives of those who suffer, constitutes a Confession with
respect to Foreknowledge, and active participation in Savagery.

You know - a condition of much-more than 'unzipped flies'.

I've said in the past that I'll allow folks to use my work on the
condition that they Acknowledge its worth in the Lives of folks who

Use of the work I've done, absent such, is Unthinkably Offensive,
under The Law.

=Don't= do such.

Such Verifiably constitutes Murder.

What =is= 'the problem'?

Folks are that 'heart'-less with respect to other Human Beings?

I think 'the problem' is that folks're 'just' overly-'familiar' with
'the way thing are supposed to be in busiess' - all folks can see is

If so, think about =that= in terms of what is folks' 'visual

Plenty of 'blind'-automation in-there, no?


Folks can care for their Brothers and Sisters in Humanity, and still
'make money'.

That folks 'cannot' see that derives, as I've explained, ad nauseum,
solely in the merely-'familiar' stuff of folks' experience.

Change 'your' experience.

=See= the rest of Humanity, first, =then= 'make money'.

K. P. Collins

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